Best Video Slots: The most popular slots by number of players

There are thousands of websites on the Internet that are either ranking video slots or simply try and tell their visitors which are the best slots to play. We’ve decided to take this on a whole new direction, and instead of using some arbitrary subjective opinions, we put all the power in the hands of the players. In doing so, we believe that we have the most accurate measurements of “best video slots” – what the customers of the online casinos are actually playing. We discuss exactly how we base the ranking of the list below, so if you are curious about our methodology, feel free to read past the ranking of the most popular video slots, i.e. the best video slots to play, according to the players themselves:

Best Video Slots

Current as of November 2020

#1Cash Bandit 3RTGStable
#2Plentiful TreasureRTGIncreasing
#3Halloween TreasuresRTGDecreasing
#4Sweet 16RTGStable
#5Wild Hog LuauRTGIncreasing
#6Cleopatra’s Pyramid IIWGSStable
#7Cash CowWGSStable
#8Mystic GemsWGSIncreasing

On what is the ranking of the best video slots to play based?

Unlike many other websites, where the ranking of the best video slots is based mostly on personal opinion or, oftentimes, advertising budgets, our list is completely different, yet very simple. Every three months we collect the data published by a few of the most trusted online casinos. The data is purely a ranking of the video slots at each online casino, based on numbers of spins. We tabulate the results for each casino, averaging the top 5 video slots at each casino, then we cross-reference the top five video slots at every other online casino. The final result is what you have in the table above. We have tried to keep the RTG slots to five, while the WGS video slots – limited to just 3, since the WGS casinos are not as popular as the RTG online casinos.

This is probably the best place to explain why the WGS slots are always the bottom three in the ranking. It’s not because we think that those slots are always bad, but because the RTG casinos are many times more popular themselves, so many more players would be playing the RTG-based slots, inflating their rank beyond anything the WGS slots could match. In a nutshell, the RTG slots will always be the most popular, when compared against the WGS, but if you just want to compare the WGS slots against each other, look only at the last three rows of the table.

A question a lot of people have been asking is why do we combine the results of the most popular casino slots over a three-month period, rather than just publish while five slots were the most popular in the previous month and be done with it. The main reason is that there are always outliers, nearly every month, most glaringly – the new video slot games. The online casinos try to introduce a new video slot at least once a month, although there are some months with multiple new offerings. Because of bonuses and promotions, there slots have the chance to become very popular in the month they are introduced to the players. Free spins, special bonuses, etc. would always encourage the casino players to try the new slots, hence racking up the spins and skewing the results.

Now, should one of those slots become a hit, it would be reflected clearly in a 3-month comparison, unlike if we just used the previous month’s data alone. There are a few slots on the “Best Video Slots” list above that are relatively new, i.e. introduced by the casinos earlier this year. They, however, have proven their worth by continuing to generate a lot of interest from the players, even after the initial introductory stage and all the bonuses that come with it. Such slots are rightfully considered the best and they prove it by remaining in the top 5 slots ranking for all those three months prior.

Are the results (and the rankings) changing?

Absolutely! As noted earlier, having a quarterly sample means that the ranking of the most popular video slots will change, based on the interest exhibited by the casino players themselves. Now, that is not a guarantee, because it’s not beyond possibility that two or even three slots may continue to be so popular with the online casino players that they will show up the next time the quarterly results are calculated. But in general, expect the best video slots ranking to change quite a bit between editions, but don’t be surprised if a couple of the same slots remain popular for quite a while. After all, when the player finds a slot machine that is both fun to play and pays out quite often – there is not much of an incentive for that player to move away from it.

How accurate is the ranking of the best video slots?

About as accurate as you would expect a non-scientific method to be. The list above should not be used as an end-all-be-all when looking for a great video slot to play at your favorite online casino. It should just serve as a way to guide you towards what other players have tried and deemed fun to play. One big drawback of this method is that we rely primarily on the information supplied from the online casinos, which is the ranking based on the most spins. While this is a good indicator of what their players feel are the best video slots, there is a situation when this measurement may not be the most accurate.

For example, if you have one player spin the reels of Slot A one hundred times, and ten other players spin the reels of Slot B five times each, the data will show that Slot A is more popular, based on the number of spins being higher, in spite of Slot B having attracted more players. But then again, which of the two is a better measurement of popularity? The much lower number of spins-per-player on Slot B may be an indication that the video slot is pretty bad, so players abandon it quickly to never come back. So as you can see, there are multiple ways, all of them fairly subjective, to try and determine which are the most popular slots. We feel that our method is very good and will provide a general overview for those of you wondering which are the best slots to play right now. At the very least, our ranking is still 100% based on the casino players’ actions, rather than any other external or internal factor.

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