Best online sportsbooks and offshore betting websites

Unlike the online casino industry, where people have much more choice in quality establishments, the world of offshore sports betting has never had the options casino players enjoy. Sure, at first look it seems that there are a ton of online sportsbooks, but if you dig just a bit deeper, the truth is that most of those offshore betting sites are pure crap. Despite the many offshore sportsbooks, fact is that only a handful of them are trustworthy and really worthy of patronizing. As you can see, our list of recommended sportsbooks include only 3 of them; a testament to the quality of those betting websites, but also an evidence of the struggles the sports bettors have to endure, compared to casino players.

The list of the top offshore sportsbooks is next, and we have also included our reviews and thoughts on why each sportsbook deserves a place in our ranking. These three USA sportsbooks are of the highest quality, and honestly, the only places we would be comfortable to bet. Despite the limited selection, one should be able to find a match, regardless of the type of bettor – pro or casual. But we highly recommend you avoid any other sportsbook, at least for the foreseeable future.

Best Online Sportsbooks and Betting Sites:

RankSportsbookBonusPayout SpeedBest ForWebsite
#1Bookmaker$500Extremely Fast

1-2 days

#2Bovada Sportsbook$250Fast

2-4 days

#3GTBets$750Very Fast

2-3 days


It’s important to underline the incredible fact that none of the sportsbooks on this list have missed any payments during the coronavirus epidemic, when for months no sports were being played anywhere in the world. Why is this fact so important – because it shows how financially stable and reliable these offshore betting sites are. When for months all their customers did was withdraw money from their betting accounts, these sportsbooks not only processed those payments in a timely fashion, but didn’t make bettors jump through hoops in order to get their much needed money.

So if you want to have the maximum possible peace of mind when betting online, choose any of these USA online sportsbooks and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. Sadly, there is a reason why our best sportsbook list is so short. Plenty of “famous” (read: those with a lot of advertising) betting websites failed to support their customers during those times of trial.

Bookmaker Review

Bookmaker is sitting atop our list of best online sportsbooks for a good reason, it is undoubtedly the best offshore sportsbook and has been for many years. This sports betting website is so good, it often outranks the Vegas sportsbooks when comparing features.

First, it’s reputation is impeccable; for well over 20 years Bookmaker has been a reliable betting site, always paying on time, never playing any games with its customers, there is really nothing bad you’d read on the Internet about Bookmaker. In other words, these guys always pay and they pay on time, without any BS.

Bookmaker is also the most liquid offshore sportsbook, something extremely important to both pro bettors and casual players alike. After all, how can you expect a sportsbook to pay its customers’ winnings, if they don’t have the money to cover their position? This betting company, however, is as rock solid financially, as they come. One can bet here without any worries about getting their payouts processed in a timely manner. Bookmaker has weathered many a storm in the online gambling industry and we are 100% confident they will continue to do so in the future.

Another great feature many bettors appreciate is the very high betting limits Bookmaker offers its customers. If you consider yourself a high stakes betting enthusiast, this top online sportsbook got you covered. Which brings us back to the importance of having solid financials – you can’t take and pay high stakes bets, if you don’t have the liquidity to cover them. But bets in the teens of thousands of dollars are an every week thing with this excellent betting site. Pro bettors and sharps choose Bookmaker over any other betting website, because here they are always welcome to try their skills.

And finally, this sportsbook is geared more towards the pros, rather than the casual bettor. It is THE preferred sportsbook for high limit bettors, thanks to the superior financial situation there. Bets in the 6 digits are routinely placed at Bookmaker and you would never hear about a case where this betting website didn’t cover their bets to the last penny. It gives one the peace of mind to be a customer of such sportsbook, but it comes with a bit of a drawback – the casual bettor may begin to feel a bit unwelcome.

Overall, this is truly the best online sportsbook, bar none! It has been rated highest for many years and it is one of the very few bright spots in the offshore sports betting market.

Bovada Sportsbook Review

The Bovada online casino has long been ranked in the top 3 casinos on our website, but did you know that Bovada also runs one of the most successful and solid sports betting websites? That’s right, the Bovada sportsbook gives bettors the same high quality service the casino side of the business does. The sportsbook, along with the casino and poker room, make Bovada the compete gambling package. And we would’ve had it at the top spot, if it weren’t for a few small shortcomings; plus, it’s really hard to dethrone Bookmaker from the first spot on the top online sportsbook ranking.

Bovada has an excellent bonus for new betting accounts and you can expect to find solid odds on nearly every sport being played all over the world. Want to bet on darts or snooker – no problem, the sportsbook has odds on such obscure sporting events, as well. Plenty of betting markets and tons of props on everything, from NFL props to winners of elections and reality shows, Bovada will offer you odds on anything.

Where we feel Bovada drops the ball a bit is in the high stakes betting options. While the sportsbook is well known for shunning away sharps, sometimes it feels that they are going somewhat overboard. Quite a few people have seen their betting limits lowered quite a bit, when the betting site suspects them of being sharp, arbing or acting like pro bettors. No doubt, this offshore sportsbook caters mostly towards the casual bettor, pros should avoid it.

But if you just want to bet on sports, without any shenanigans, you can’t go wrong with Bovada. The sportsbook, as well as the casino, is solid financially, pays on time and without hustle, offers plenty of betting options, odds and props, and the bonuses are the biggest you can find among the good offshore sportsbooks.

5 Dimes Review (CLOSED To USA)

Normally we would’ve ranked the 5Dimes sportsbook right after Bookmaker, but this offshore betting website is heavily geared towards pro bettors, with high betting limits, low juice, many bet options, that we decided that Bovada, with its bonuses and ease of use,, would be a better option for the casual bettor. That said, 5Dimes is an excellent online sportsbook for anyone looking to squeeze the most out of their bankroll when they bet on sports.

The most famous feature of this betting site is, without doubt, their low juice odds. Among the best online sportsbooks, 5Dimes offers the best odds thanks to the reduced juice, which many pro bettors actively look for when choosing a sports betting website. Not only is the vig smaller than any other offshore gambling website, here customers can go even further – choosing their own odds. On many sporting events, there would be multiple options you can choose from to place a bet. For example, you can move the point spread any way you want – don’t like the -3.5 points, simply change it to 4 or 3 points. Naturally the payout odds will also change, but no other top sportsbook would even think to give you this option, to begin with.

Besides the ability to set your own odds, lines and payout, 5Dimes is also a very stable offshore sportsbook. They have been in business for over two decades and are yet to miss payments, even through the several though times the sports betting industry has had to endure.

Betting at the offshore sportsbooks instead of at the Vegas websites

Since the start of the legalization of online sports betting, this question arises for many people. Why should I bet at the offshore betting sites rather at the online offshoots of the Vegas sportsbooks? There are plenty of compelling reasons, let’s look at a few of them.

First off, after finding a legit betting website, there is not much of a difference of the mechanics for playing there. You still have the familiar layout of a sportsbook, deposit and withdrawals are easy and smooth, both will offer betting odds on the popular sports, etc.

The big difference comes when we get down to the nitty-gritty of the sportsbooks. For one, the offshore sportsbooks generally offer much better odds on the games, and we mean much better odds! If you actually compare the odds of a specific game at a good online sportsbook with its Vegas counterpart you will instantly see what we mean.

An online sportsbook will also generally offer a lot more sporting events and many more markets on the those sports. Prop betting, player wagers, and even uncommon options like Asian Handicap, first half, quarter odds, and many more.

For the more tech savvy bettors, there is the whole crypto payment world. Good luck finding a Vegas betting website that would let you deposit or withdraw using any of the popular cryptos, like Bitcoin, Tether or Ethereum. Those who have used crypto currencies like Bitcoin can certainly appreciate the speed and easy of those financial instruments. Not to mention the extra Bitcoin bonuses the online sportsbooks give when the customer deposits using any of them.

And speaking of free money, let’s not forget tat the offshore betting websites also have those amazing bonus offers ready for their customers. None of that $25 or $50 bonus bets the “normal” sportsbooks tend to offer: we are talking about in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

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