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Online Casinos Accepting USA Players

If you are from the United States and are looking for an online casino, this is the best place to start. Here you will find information on which online casinos accept U.S. players, where it is most advised to play, how we arrived to these conclusions and more. If you’d like you can skip right ahead and see which are the top 3 casinos that made it on our most recommended list for USA customers, otherwise read on to learn more about the current situation of online gambling in the United States. Here are the best online casinos that accept players from USA:


#1 Vegas Casino Online ($3,000 free for new US customers) – If you are looking for a top class online casino that welcomes players from the US, Vegas Casino Online comes right atop of the list. In business for well over a decade, this casino has remained highly respected among the players for this long, a true sign of quality. As the name implies, the casino is themed around Las Vegas style of gambling, offering over 300 different video slots, all table games and many of their variations. A gambling website that offers something for everyone, the real treat is the big bonus offer – 150% of your initial deposit – up to $3,000 worth of free casino chips. It accepts credit cards, ewallets and P2P payments and the withdrawals always arrive on time. It’s hard to find an online casino for USA players that has had such a clean reputation for so long. We highly recommend Vegas Casino Online to anyone, not just USA residents. You can read more in our Vegas Casino Online Review or use the link above to visit the offical website and have a look around or join this famous casino.

#2 Bovada Casino (8 bonus offers for USA players) – the oldest online casino still accepting US players, Bovada is by far the most popular brand, as well. Formerly known as Bodog, Bovada was a spin-off the original Bodog casino to focus solely on players from USA. The Bodog brand still exists, but it is serving only EU players today. If you want an online casino that was created specifically for the US player – this is it. As such, Bovada is able to offer credit card deposits (Visa only at this time), fast withdrawals and many bonuses and promotions of interest to the US customer. Established way back in 1997, this casino is still going strong, despite the many issues that have plagued the industry over the years. A testament to the resilience and dedication to the customer, bar none.  See our full Bovada review for more information.

#3 Lucky Red Casino (400% match bonus for USA) – are you a bonus hunter or simply want to get the most value for your money? Then head over to Lucky Red where new players from USA can get the biggest bonus available – 400% of your first deposit in free casino chips, up to $4,000 worth. We cannot stress more the importance of the sign-up bonus in relation to your starting bankroll, although experienced players already know this first hand. An amazing bonus from a top-rated online casino that accepts US players is all many would ever need to cash in their first big win. With many depositing options, such as credit cards, bank drafts or ewallets, along with withdrawals that arrive on time without a problem, make Lucky Red one juicy morsel for the hungry casino player. And with 200+ games to chose from, along with your enormous free bankroll – it’s hard not to be a winner here. Read the Lucky Red review or visit them to claim your big bonus.


Now that we have presented our list of the best online casinos accepting U.S. players, let’s talk more about why it’s so hard to find a good online casino that takes players from the USA. Back in the days, when the online casino craze first began, all casinos and other gambling websites accepted players not only from the USA, but from all over the world. Unfortunately for many, soon the US was on their case and while the legality of online gambling is still mired in gray areas, many companies in the industry simply chose to abandon the US market, deciding that it was more trouble that it was worth. The biggest problem the USA online casinos faced was he payment processing. It became harder by the day to find good credit card processors, i.e. companies that process the payments of US players who deposit with credit cards. The fees charged increased dramatically, some of the processors turned out to be shady and left the casinos themselves to foot the bills and many other hurdles were raised in front of the casinos. Even to this day many casinos that take US players have a hard time finding a stable and long-term partners in credit card processing, which makes online casinos accepting credit cards very hard to find. Needless to say, we have given high priority to such USA online casinos on our top 3 list above.

But deposits are not the only problem online casino that accepts US players has to deal with. Withdrawals are also a big issue in today’s internet gambling industry. Just as difficult to receive the payment, many casinos will struggle with sending out payouts to their customers. Many online casinos for US players have closed their doors due to inability to send out on-time payments to their winners. All the recommended casinos on our list are well-known for processing the winnings of their USA customers on time and without a hitch, probably the most important factor in our decision making process.

Of course, transactions are not the only reason why so little US online casinos are available these days. Many gambling websites were forced to close their doors to USA players simply because the software developer made the decision. For those unaware of the workings of the online casinos, the gambling websites simply lease the software from one of handful of software developers. While this ensures that the casinos themselves cannot tamper with the software and affect the outcome of the games in their favor, when the gambling software developer makes the decision to exit the US market – all their lessees must follow suit, as well. There are only a few software developers still working with US customers, most popular of them being RealTime Gaming (RTG), which is the reason the majority of the USA online casinos are using the RTG software.

But despite the doom-and-gloom sounding, there are a lot of online casinos welcoming US players today and a simple look at our home page will show you that, especially when you consider that we have carefully selected the very best among them. There are probably over a hundred of casinos still accepting players from USA and while not all of them are a good choice, there are plenty to select from. And with the current legalization of online gambling in some of the states in USA, theat number will only increase with time and the outlook is more than positive.