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Welcome to Online Casino Snoop – the premier destination for people looking for the best online casinos and the top gambling experience. Below you will find the latest ranking of the best online casino websites, reviews of those casinos, bonus offers and more. You can also browse our free casino guides, find more information on depositing options and even learn how to play the casino games. We strive to be the number one place for anyone looking for the top casinos online and we hope you won’t be disappointed. Here is the current list of the best online casinos:

Online CasinoBonusOfficial WebsiteRatingReview
$7,777 + 300 spinsVisitRead
$3,000 freeVisitRead
100% + 777 free spinsVisitRead
$8,888 + 350 free spinsVisitRead
$10,000 on 400% matchVisitRead
$10,000 (400%)VisitRead
150% bonusVisitRead
$2,500 + 500 free spinsVisitRead
100% + 999 free spinsVisit
200% matchVisitRead
100% up to $747VisitRead

As you can see from the rather extensive list above, there are plenty of great online casinos to choose from, no matter in which part of the world you live. The dozen above represent the very best internet gambling has to offer today and there should be no issues gambling at any of them. They have been around for a very long time, some of them have already logged nearly two decades in the business and their reputation is impeccable. If you want to play at a safe and secure online casino, one that is known for honesty, quick payouts and no problems, choose from any of the top casinos listed here. You can red a review of each one by following the link or compare the bonus offers right on this page and pick the biggest one. The final choice is always up to you.

How do we rank the online casinos and choose which ones are the best to recommend? With over two decades of experience in the online gambling industry, we begin by first looking for the same – a long track record of providing the best and honest entertainment service to their customers. All casinos which made our recommended list have at least ten years of proven track record – honest games, paying customers on time and without hustles, customer service that goes far and beyond your average casino website. There is a reason why we recommend only a handful of casinos, while some other websites may list hundreds of them. Truth be told, there are not that many quality casino companies out there, and we have the cream of the crop right here. Fun and entertaining games, new games, large jackpots and table game variations are among the most important features a top online casino must provide to their customers. In addition, variety of payment methods, and ease of deposit and withdrawal must be not only an option, but standard. Overall, the best online casinos listed on our site are guarantee to provide you with many hours of fun, without the headaches that come from choosing the wrong ones. And, naturally, they must offer some of the largest bonuses for both new and existing customers – after all, no one is averse to winning some money, while playing the games, right?

Legit Online Casinos

Let’s face it, when they need to find something out online, people have become accustomed to simply doing a search on Google and clicking on the first few results that show up. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal approach for choosing a legit online casino. Since those results are controlled by an algorithm, which could be tricked, just because an online casino shows up at the top, doesn’t mean it’s recommended to patronize. And the new appearance of search engine ads make it even harder to distinguish an advertisement from an actual result. Nothing stops a rogue casino to purchase ad space and generate a ton of customers in no time. Of course, since it’s not a legit casino, all of their income is profit, enforcing this unfortunate cycle. Avoid this pitfall and use our list of recommended casino websites – all of them are legit and have been in operation for at least a decade.

Online Casino Reviews

We have not only ranked the best casinos, we have also provided our readers with reasoning behind our ranking, in our comprehensive casino reviews. You can read in-depth reviews of every online casino we recommend, take advantage of their biggest bonus offers, discover the specific funding methods, and even see screenshots of the website, lobby, games and more. One reason thousands of people choose us for the most unbiased recommendations is the integrity of our review process. We are not swayed by advertising dollars, and as you will find out when browsing our website – we don’t even have any of those pesky banner ads. We don’t review the casinos based on who sponsored the review, which is how we can maintain honesty and integrity in our review process. And remember, if we deem that a casino is not worth inclusion in our “best online casinos list”, we don’t ever bother reviewing it. If a particular online casino is not listed on our home page, it is safe to assume that it should be avoided.

Safe Online Casinos

Online casinos are fun, but one of the most important factors in choosing a casino should be safety. Just like anything else on the Internet these days, there are a dozen bad actors for every legit enterprise, and sadly, gambling is no exception. One can spend countless hours on the web, doing research, reading reviews, blog posts, forums, and at the end, still have no idea whether an online casino is legit or not. Well, we save you that time by compiling a list of the best online casinos, all of them safe to play, so you can spend that time actually having fun and enjoying your time, instead of constantly questioning if you’d get paid when you win.

Various Funding Options and Methods Explained

Navigating the many (and ever-changing) banking options offered by the online casinos could be a daunting task for the beginner, but fret not, as we have plenty of guides to help you figure out which are the best, easiest, and fastest for nearly every situation. You can see the full list of depositing options at the casino: from the always-popular, albeit intimidating to the first-time user, Bitcoin, to the more traditional casino payment methods, such as checks and credit cards, we’ve got you covered. You will find detailed explanations on how to use each of the casino funding options, including some of the less popular ones, such as MST gift cards. At Online Casino Snoop you will always find a full array of depositing methods explained.

Big Casino Bonuses

Nothing more pleasant than winning money before you even start playing, and our casino bonus section will show you how to do exactly that. From massive welcome offers to no-deposit bonuses and free spins, we have listed them all! The great part about the competition among the legit and safe online casinos is that the customer wins the battle. Welcome bonuses many times your first deposit will ensure that you get the chance to play all casino games, and increase your chance to come out a winner right away. Compare the bonuses among the top casinos or simply go for the biggest bang for your buck, it’s all free to use on our website. Free spins for new and existing customers, special promotions, loyalty points – there are many ways you can improve your chances of winning, by keeping up to date at with the latest promos on our news section.

Latest Casino News and In-Depth Articles

Even if you are not interested in the casino games (maybe you are more into sports betting?), you can still keep tabs on the latest developments in the gambling world by taking advantage of our news section. We regularly publish casino-related news, not just about online casinos, but land-based casinos, sports betting and gambling in general. Have your finger on the pulse of the gambling industry by reading the latest news here.

And if you are new to the amazing world of online casino gambling, you will especially benefit from our free comprehensive articles. Learn the basics of the online casinos, how to play, deposit, withdraw, check out the video slots review section to find an amazing game to enjoy in your spare time, or dive deeper into gambling strategies for intermediate and higher levels of players. Yes, we also cater to the experienced player with tips and tricks which aim to maximize your bankroll and improve your chances of winning.

Why do you need Online Casino Snoop’s list of the best online casinos? If you are new to gambling on the internet, consider yourself lucky that you’ve landed at the Online Casino Snoop. Many thousands have simply done a search or followed a link and ended up at one of the literally hundreds of rogue gambling websites and the lucky ones have escaped that experience with just not getting their winnings paid. The Internet is far from a safe place and just like any other business – there are good quality websites and their are bad ones. Even people who have gambled online in the past still have a high risk of ending at a bad casino, can you imagine the risk a new internet player is facing when they embark on their first search for online casino? Well, we have cut the hours of tedious work that one must put in researching the online casinos to find the really good ones – experience, forums, blogs, industry news – we not only keep an eye on all those things, we are among the leaders. All the online casinos listed here have been carefully selected and the approval of Online Casino Snoop has long carried its weight among the internet gambling industry. In a nutshell, if an online casino is listed here s safe and recommended – you can play there without worries. If a casino is not on our list – better safe than sorry and avoid it at all cost.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purpose only and should not constitute an incentive to gamble or a legal advice. Since we operate on the World Wide Web, we have visitors from many countries all over the world, hence we cannot be held liable for any illegal activities conducted by our readers. Always check the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction first.