Online Casinos Taking Credit Cards

Credit cards are by far the most popular form of depositing money at the online casino. Players all over the world prefer to fund their casino accounts using credit cards for many reasons – they are very convenient, nearly everyone has one and today you can even go to the local gas station and purchase a prepaid credit card. The online casinos have long relied on credit cards as their main tool for financial transactions, however, in recent years increasing fees charged by the processing companies have resulted in many casinos having trouble taking some credit cards. It’s even harder for US players to find those casinos where they can deposit money with credit card with ease. You can find an in-depth discussion of credit card online casinos on our specialty guide on this topic.

If you are looking for online casinos that accept credit cards, see the list below. We have selected the online casinos with the easiest transactions when it comes to taking credit cards, i.e. casino websites with the highest rate of successful credit card deposits.

Credit Card Casinos
This casino accepts both Visa and MasterCard credit cards with multiple credit card processors in use, which ensures the highest rate of deposit acceptance. If you use any of the credit cards mentioned, you will be able to deposit at this casino.Visit the casino
This online casino takes only VISA, but nearly every deposit using this brand of credit card will go through. If you need to deposit with Visa, this is the best casino to patronize. Visit the casino
Another online casino accepting credit card deposits, both MasterCard and Visa brands. High rate of successful credit card deposits.Visit the casino
One of the most popular casinos for USA players, everyone can use their credit and debit cards to deposit, if they carry the Visa, MasterCard or Maestro logo. Top notch processing and no issues with either of the famous two credit cards.Visit the casino
Accepting both Visa and MasterCard, depositing with credit card is very easy here. It is the proffered choice for deposits and players can enjoy some free match bonus money for using their credit cards at this casino.Visit the casino

Although some may feel that it doesn’t need to be said, one should keep in mind that the credit card transactions with the online casinos almost always flow only one way – as a deposit. Generally, no online casino which accepts credit cards would process a withdrawal back to a credit card, as some other merchants may do. You should keep in mind that credit cards at the online casinos are accepted for deposits only and you should use one of the other withdrawal methods to cash out your winnings. The same applies to debit cards, as well, not just to the credit cards.

Another frequently asked question about the casinos taking credit cards is whether the type of credit card makes a difference. We have addressed this a bit more further down, but the main point is that it depends mostly on the issuing bank, not the credit card branding itself. Some issuing banks are more lax with their customers, while others will outright ban gambling transactions, even at a regular brick and mortar casinos. Thus in essence, which bank issued your card will have the most effect on the outcome of your casino deposit.

Something that should be said about the online casinos accepting credit cards is that Visa and MasterCard are often the only brands of credit cards taken by the casinos, not only in the USA, but world-wide. Other popular cards, such as Amex and Discover have not been accepted by the casinos for many year now, since American Express, for example, prohibits gambling transactions. So if you are looking for online casinos that accept American Express (Amex) or Discover Card, you are out of luck. You may be able to find a casino or two which would be able to process the Amex or Discover transactions, but in general, those those issuers are not very reliable when it comes to online gambling. Hopefully, with the push to legalize online gambling worldwide, some of these issues will be resolved in the future.