Credit Card Online Casinos: Best credit card casino sites for USA

Just like any other purchase on the internet, credit cards are the most popular payment method for the online casinos, as well. Since the establishment of the first online casinos, the credit card has been a staple of the cashier section of any other that has come since. It provides the player with an easy and secure method to play casinos for real money, it lets you keep control of your finances and even allows you to cash out your winnings right back to your credit card.

In this section, we will list the most trusted online casinos accepting credit cards as a depositing method. The ranking also includes those casinos accepting US player credit card deposits. Here is the up-to-date list of the best credit card online casinos:

Best online casinos that accept credit cards from US players


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In this guide:


Advantages of Credit Card Casinos

There are plenty of benefits to playing at credit card online casinos, which is why they remain the most popular payment method. Here are some of the major advantages of the credit cards online casino deposits, in relation to other types of account funding options.

  • Instant Deposit Availability – unlike some other methods, when you deposit at the online casino with a credit card, you chips balance immediately reflects it. You can begin playing with real money right away, rather than waiting for your deposit to clear.
  • Accepted Everywhere – credit cards are the universal payment method, not only on the Internet but everywhere offline, as well. And all online casinos today allow deposits with credit cards, giving you a wide array of options to choose from.
  • Secure and Safe – Unlike cash, credit cards universally carry protection to the cardholder. This is very important when conducting any form of online transactions. Even the strongest websites have the potential to compromise your credit card information, and being able to recoup such losses is just another pro in the column for credit card casino play.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – many online casinos accepting credit cards from US players will also offer specific bonuses for funding your account this way. Don’t miss such deals and bonuses, as it’s just like getting free money at the casino.
  • Lowest Depositing Amounts – playing at the online casino with credit card gives you the option to deposit the smallest amounts possible at the said casino. Other funding methods usually require a bigger financial commitment, while those made with credit cards have the lowest minimum deposit amounts.

Cons for playing casinos with credit cards

Sadly, there are some cons to using a credit card for online gambling. While most of these can be easily avoided, it’s always beneficial to know what to look for ahead of time, to avoid any surprises in the end. Here are some of the cons of playing credit card casinos:

  • Balances carry interest, unless you make the payments in full, or your casino allows you to receive your winnings right back on the credit card.
  • Not all online casinos will give you the option to cash out to your credit card.
  • With credit cards offering larger credit limits, there is a possibility for the players to spend more than they can afford.
  • Some banks issuing credit cards decline transactions to gambling websites, which forces the player to look for other funding options.
  • In order to withdraw your winnings, players will have to complete a credit card verification form. This is the unfortunate consequence of rogue elements using stolen credit cards to gamble online.


Casino accepted credit cards

While there are quite a few brands of credit cards, the online casinos will accept only the major players in the industry. Obscure issuers, such as Diners Club, or any foreign-based issuers, are pretty much out of luck at the credit card casinos for USA players. But the big brands are accepted everywhere, here is the list of the credit cards accepted at the online casinos by popularity.

VisaMasterCardAmerican Express
By far the most popular credit card brand, Visa are also the most accepted type of credit card, not only at the online casinos, but anywhere in the world. It is also the easiest credit card to obtain by people on the entire credit worthiness spectrum, which is why every casino also takes Visa. You can see the list of online casinos accepting Visa here.
The second of the big credit card brands, MasterCard is also a very popular with the banks and the users alike. While depositing at the casinos with MasterCard credit card may be slightly less reliable than Visa, it is still a very good funding method. See our recommendations for MasterCard casinos.
Rounding up the big three with Amex, it is a credit card that is not very popular with the average person, especially since most Amex cards will require some kind of annual fee, while Visa and MasterCard will rarely do so. Still, there are plenty of online casinos accepting Amex cards, so if this is your preferred brand, you are not completely out of luck.


Steps to depositing with credit cards at the online casino

While initially it may be a bit intimidating for the first time online casino player to deposit real money with credit card, the process itself is actually very easy. In order to help you relieve any apprehension, below we have outlined the simple process of depositing at the casino using a credit card.

  1. Open an account with any of the recommended casinos above.
  2. Visit the Cashier section of the online casino.
  3. Enter your credit card information, including the exact amount you wish to deposit. At this point – don’t forget to claim your bonus.
  4. Start playing with real money. One of the greatest benefits to playing at the credit card casinos is that your deposit is instantly available and you can begin enjoying the casino games with away.


Alternative methods to credit cards

Of course, credit cards are not your only choice for depositing money at the online casinos. There are quite a few popular methods that the player can use, besides a credit card. Here is what else is available in most casinos’ Cashier sections.

This fast emerging payment method has been completely embraced by all online casinos. It is another very secure way to both fund your casino account and cash out your winnings from the online casino. The casino sites love Bitcoin so much, due to the miniscule fees they have to pay per transaction, compared to credit cards, that you will often find Bitcoin deposit bonuses which are just too good to pass. You can see our list of the best Bitcoin online casinos by following this link.
Gift Cards
While still having some kind of credit card branding, the gift cards people can purchase at nearly any store in the USA are a good alternative to the actual credit cards. The best part about using gift cards is that you can use cash to purchase them. And at the same time you cannot go over your preset entertainment budget, due to the fact that you can only spend what was loaded on the card initially.
Most ewallets accepted at the online casinos work on the same principal PayPal does. You simply fund your e-wallet account with one of the methods available and in turn use the e-wallet to deposit at the casino. If you don’t want to use your credit card directly at the online casino, yet you want the same instant availability of your funds – the e-wallet is a great alternative option.

Credit Card Casino FAQ


Is it safe to use credit cards at the online casinos?

Absolutely. The online casinos use the same level of encryption and standard safety protocols (including 128 bit, SSL data encryption technology), as most banks do today.

Do all online casinos accept credit cards?

Yes. The popularity of credit cards as a main method of payment in the USA has ensured that every online casino will continue to accept credit cards for the foreseeable future. That said, not all brands of credit cards would be accepted (see #Casino accepted credit cards), but the main players will be.

Can I use a debit card to deposit at the online casino?

You certainly can, although we discourage people from ever using their debit card online. This doesn’t just apply to using a debit card at online casinos, but at any business on the Internet. The debit cards don’t carry the same fraud protection the credit cards do, therefore it is extremely unwise to use one on the Internet.

Are there limits to how much I can deposit at the casino with a credit card?

Yes, every online casino will have depositing limits for each of the banking methods they offer. While credit card casino deposits are among the largest possible, save for bitcoin, of course, they do exists. As players become more established with the casino (i.e. their Rewards level increases), those limits will become larger and larger. There are even VIP players with no depositing limits.

Are there fees to use credit card at the casino?

No, the online casinos don’t charge fees for using your credit card to deposit real money. If they allow cashing out back to your credit card, however, there will be fees involved.