What is a no deposit bonus: casino no deposit bonuses explained

One huge advantage the online casinos hold over their real world counterparts is undoubtedly the plenty bonus offers players can take advantage when they decide to take their gambling entertainment on the Internet. While most land-based casinos would offer some form of comp points, those are small potatoes compared to the myriad of bonuses you can get at the online casino. And the king of all promotions is the no deposit bonus, something we’ll look into in depth today.

What is a no deposit bonus?

As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is a casino bonus where the player will get certain amount of free money or spins, without the need to deposit any funds into their account. In addition, not only is a deposit not required, but the player also has the opportunity to withdraw real money wins stemming from the no deposit bonus. The last part is very important, since every casino will let you try the games for free, for as long as you want. But with the no deposit bonus, you can also win and cash out real money, as well.As you can imagine, the no deposit bonus is the online casino’s best tool to attract customers and, without a doubt, the most sought-after promotion by the players.

To use an example, a casino may offer a $25 no deposit bonus with max cashout of $150. This means that when you claim this bonus, you can start playing with $25 and any winnings you accumulate, up to $150, can be withdrawn. So if you happen to get a hot hand with the bonus and win $200, you would be able to withdraw only $150 of that money, the rest being removed from your account upon cash out. Not a bad deal, considering you had to risk absolutely no money yourself, yet got the chance to withdraw $150 in real money, just for having some fun on the casino’s dime.

Where can I find no deposit casino bonuses?

We will talk more about the intricacies of the no deposit bonus, but we are certain that by this time you are already asking yourself “Where can I find no deposit bonuses?” and we feel your eagerness. Because the no deposit bonus is so popular with casino players, we have a dedicated page listing the very latest offers from the best online casinos, and we track and update that list nearly daily. Follow the link below to see what’s being offered right now:

Click here for the latest no deposit casino bonuses and free spins

Finding good no deposit bonus offers is not easy, especially when you have to consider the fact that those promotions must be made by legitimate and trusted casinos, not just any gambling website. A lot of suspect sites would try to lure people with those no deposit bonuses and you don’t want to end up at any of them! So don’t just jump on the first free money casino bonus you see, but take the recommendations of online casino review websites like ours, and avoid the headaches that come with ending up at a rogue casino. Again, we must underline the importance of only playing at the best online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, it pays (literally and figuratively) to be diligent.

Can I win real money with a no deposit bonus?

Absolutely, which is why the no deposit bonus is the most popular promotional product the online casinos have in their arsenal. How much you can win in real money with the no deposit bonus would, however, depend on the type and conditions of the promotion. Most of the top casinos would often allow you to withdraw winnings as high as the 3-digit range, but again, thumbs is highly dependent on the particular bonus in question. If you’ve chosen a reputable casino (i.e. any of the ones reviewed here), the no deposit bonus will come with clear notice of how much real money winnings you can cash out with that specific offer, what are the wagering requirements, etc. No honest online casino would try to hide the maximum you can cashout in real money, just as it should be – they don’t want unhappy customers or customers who feel like the casino is trying to take advantage of them.

Can I withdraw my no deposit bonus?

The short answer is “yes”, you can withdraw your no deposit winnings. And just like any other casino bonus, there are terms and conditions that come with those that require no deposit. Firstly, there will be a limit to how much real money you can withdraw when your winnings stem from using this type of promotion. This will be indicated on the offer’s T&Cs, there you will see the “max cashout” shown. For example, a no deposit bonus may give you $25 free to play and the max cashout would be $150. This means that the most real money you can withdraw is capped at $150. Next, as already discussed earlier, you will have to meet the wagering requirements, just like any other casino bonus. But once you have met the conditions of the “no deposit bonus” – you can cash out the money you’ve won.

Now, we should note that most online casinos will not count the no deposit bonus itself towards your winnings. In other words, you cannot withdraw the no deposit bonus amount itself, but you can cashout the winnings resulting from taking advantage of the offer. So technically you can not withdraw the no deposit bonus, but you can withdraw its winnings. Again, this is a broad statement, as there may occasionally be offers that will count the bonus money itself towards the cashable amount.

Different kinds of no deposit bonuses you can claim

There is no standard division of the types of no-deposit bonuses, but we like to separate them into two groups. The first group is what we like to call the “free money” no deposit bonus. With this type of bonus, the online casino will give the player a certain amount of free money, without the need for a deposit, an example you may have seen would be “$40 free, no deposit required”. In this case, you can use the free money to play almost any casino game, certainly all the slots. You can find the latest no deposit bonus offers right on our dedicated page.

The second type of a “no deposit bonus” is the free spins. In this scenario, the casino will give you a certain number of free spins on a specific slot machine. You can use those free spins only at that particular video slot. You can still win and withdraw real money with this bonus, but unlike the free money bonus, you are limited to playing only one of the slots the casino has to offer. On the bright side, the casinos use the free spins as a promotional tool when new slots are introduced, so there are much more of those types of no deposit bonuses available, and more often.

Games you can play with a no deposit casino bonus

Depending on the type of no-deposit bonus (see above), you could play nearly any casino game. If the bonus is of the “free money” type, for example, you can play all the video slots, some of the specialty games, and on rare occasions – even some of the table games. You could also play video poker, and those casinos that offer bingo or keno, those games, as well. If the bonus is slot-specific, for example, free spins bonus, you would naturally be limited to playing only that particular slot game. In general, slots with progressive jackpots and table games are excluded from the no deposit bonus offers. But with the free money type, you can play all the slots the online casino has, even the very latest games the casino has introduced. The promotional offer will always indicate which games are included and/or excluded from the no deposit bonus, so make sure you double check, if you are unsure.

Do I have to be a new player to claim a no deposit bonus?

No, you don;t have to be a new player in order to take advantage of a no deposit bonus offer. As a matter of fact, our list of no deposit bonuses includes both existing players and new players. It is true that often the no deposit bonus can be claimed only by new players to the casino, as is the case of some of the no deposit welcome bonuses. For example, the Lucky Tiger casino will give new players a $40 no-deposit bonus to any new player, as a signup bonus, instead of the match bonus most casinos usually offer. But there are plenty of other bonuses for existing players, as well, including a lot of “free spins” type bonuses, so existing players should never feel left out.

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