Types of slots at the online casinos – the most popular slots types

Video slots are types of online slots. In addition to classic video slots that are mostly focused on symbols, there are also more complex games that often have mini bonus rounds and different levels built-in. A large portion of them have a theme, including film and television, luxury lifestyles, folklore and magic, and of course futuristic and sci-fi adventures. Recent years have seen video slot games grow in popularity and can be found at all quality online casinos.

A video slot’s biggest advantage is the fact that they’re filled with fun, extra features that you wouldn’t find in traditional slot machines. Here are some examples:

Bonus Games

Slot machines with bonus features often offer free spins and wager returns. Some video slots have simple bonus rounds, but complex video slots may have hidden bonus games with themes. Progressive jackpots are often found within bonus games in games that offer players the chance to win them.

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol is another type of symbol found in video slots. If they appear outside of a pay line, they can trigger a bonus round or result in a cash prize.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols can be substituted for any other symbol, to help a player make a winning line. Almost all video slot titles now include wild symbols. These can come in a variety of forms, including expanding, shifting, sticky and stacked wilds, all of which behave differently on the reels.

Popular Types of Slots At Online Casinos

The most prominent type of slots that you can find across online casinos include:

Classic slots

These are three-reel slots, which offer single-line games. In addition to being called one-armed bandits, these slot games are also known as mechanical slot machines. To make a spin on the machines, players had to pull a lever. Trying their luck in the online gambling industry with classic slots is a great idea for new players. Additionally, three-reels are extremely enjoyable to play.

Any new player can easily win good prizes by playing the classic slot games that come with different symbols and basic rules. There are also generous and progressive jackpots to be won. Players who land on three similar symbols win the jackpot. The classic slots played a crucial role in the expansion of Las Vegas and made it the city we know today.

This type of slot game is preferred by many players since it is fast-paced. The probability of winning big is high, but there is also a risk of losing everything fast. Initially, three-reel slots had the disadvantage that there were fewer combinations possible because there were fewer reels.

Five-reel slots

Alternatively, they can be described as video slots. Since video slots are digital instead of mechanical, they do not have levers or reels like regular slots. Developed in 1970, video slots have replaced traditional slots. The player initiates the game by pressing a button. The first online slots were video slots since they were land-based slot machines with video screens rather than mechanical reels. A five-reel slot machine is therefore an improvement over the classic slot machine. Among the best online casinos, they are the most common.

There are various coin combinations for a prize line on video slots, with the maximum coin value varying from one to more. Many of them use video screens instead of complete reels for their graphics. All players — new and experienced — will find video slots appealing because of their graphics, sounds, and videos. Five-reel slots are designed to enhance players’ experiences in an advanced manner.

In five-reel slots, you have a greater chance of winning than in three-reel slots due to the additional paylines. Bets also last longer in five-reel slots. Jackpots are higher in five-reel slots as well.

Progressive slots

Slots of this type are also very popular. They are among the most alluring and exciting casino games. Progressive jackpot slots also go by the name progressive slots. However, they have one drawback. A maximum bet is required for players to qualify for the progressive jackpot, otherwise known as the accumulated jackpot. Therefore, when playing this type of slot game, players need to realize they need to invest more than when playing a conventional and current slot machine. Let’s look at how progressive slots operate.

In online slot games featuring progressive jackpots, players who make the maximum wager are contributing to the jackpot. The jackpot is determined by all bettors who participated at that specific time. By connecting slot machines to a network, online casinos contribute to progressive jackpots. In this way, they can connect machines from various casinos together. Progressive jackpots are sometimes huge, but the odds of winning such a payout are low, much like playing the lottery. Otherwise, they are similar to the other slots. There are several themes for progressive slots, and they can have three or five reels.

Multi-payline slots

While traditional slots feature a single horizontal payline at the center, other slots include multiple paylines. There are various paylines available with three-reel slots, ranging from one to nine. However, they allow up to three coins to be bet on machines per line. There is, however, a maximum bet of the number of paylines for machines with multiple paylines.

Players can make between 20 and 25 combinations in the five-reel slots, with some slots offering up to 200. If a player chooses more paylines, their bet will be higher, and they will have a higher chance of winning. As a result, they deplete their bankroll more quickly, since they make multiple bets, and each time it appears that they are gaining more money.

Virtual reality slots

Online betting is among the many industries that have embraced virtual reality (VR). You can now find a variety of virtual experiences and games, thanks to the technology operating with headsets, including Razer OSVR, Oculus Rift, Samsung R, and Sony PlayStation, among many others. In addition to a sound system and multiple LED displays, these soundproof and isolated cases are equipped with a sound system. Virtual reality, which is highly stimulating and closer to reality, is the designers’ goal in allowing players to immerse themselves completely.

With all this being applied to casino games, online bettors get to experience an experience that is just as realistic as one they might find in a real-life casino. However, online betting is still relatively new. Nevertheless, it is a very safe bet in the short term. Online betting is expected to generate $520 million in profits by 2021 thanks to virtual reality technology, according to analysts.

3D slots

A discussion of slot games would not be complete without mentioning the 3D version. These are all three-dimensional online casino slots. Different designs are available. Video games, popular culture, and cinema inspire most 3D slots.

In most betting platforms, operators show markers that tell how much progressive jackpot they have accumulated with their progressive slots. If you look closely, most of these slots integrate multiple types of slots, so you will likely find 3D video slots with multiple lines as well as mini-games as well.


When you think about playing a slot game online, remember that there are many types available. You can try the one that appeals most to you. You should enjoy playing slots as new titles are released and try new games as they become available. Happy gambling!

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