Safe online casino: Which casinos are safe?

Is this online casino safe? Is it safe to play online casinos? These are some of the questions we receive on a weekly base from our readers and today we will talk about the casino websites and their safety, something very important, but often overlooked by the players. Asking about safety is paramount in this day and age, when news about security breaches of big retailers and non payment of winnings at some casinos we won’t mention, are plenty.

There are several ways one can interpret “safety”, thus we will look at all of them, starting with safety as in security of the information you send to the online casino. In this term, the majority of the online casinos are safe and certainly all casinos we have recommended offer an industry-leading 128k bit SSL encryption of all the data transferred to and from the casino server, this is standard for some of the biggest websites and the casinos have taken upon themselves to provide your connection with as much safety and security as, let’s say, some of the biggest banks. In addition, the information stored on the casino server is maintained and stored behind firewalls to avoid getting into the hands of the wrong people. And since the online casinos don’t have the offline presence of many other companies, breaches of the security via offline means is virtually non-existent.

When some people ask about safe online casinos, they often have in mind that fact that a lot of the casinos you can find by a simple Google search are rogue and will not pay your winnings. And to be perfectly honest, there are probably more rogue than safe casinos on the internet today. This is one of the major reasons review websites like ours exist today – to separate the wheat from the chaff. The casinos we have listed on our website are safe and with a proven track (of more than a decade) of paying their winning customers. Sure, we have not listed hundreds of casinos, you can count them on your fingers, but if you want to play at a safe online casino – these are your best options. We cannot stress enough how important it is to play only at the safe online casinos listed on our website. Don’t get fooled by free money bonuses, paid advertisements or do one of the biggest mistakes many new online gamblers commit – simply searching for online casino and joining the first one that pops up. The forums are full of people, who have been burnt by a rogue casino in the past. Avoid all this trouble and if you want to play at a safe online casino – select one that has been recommended by us.

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