Why playing at more than one online casino is better

Quite a few people new to online gambling, and who are lucky to find a great online casino on the first try, often tend to stick to that particular casino website. Today, we are here to discuss why patronizing more than one online casino is the best course of action. Keep in mind that playing at multiple online casinos is not something everyone should do, but there are some positives to having an account at more than one (or even a few) casinos.

We get the reason behind why some people choose to stick with just one online casino. After all, finding a good casino in the first place could be quite hard and layered with perils. So when you find a casino with great games, good business practices and nice bonuses, why would you even consider a competitor? Again, as long as you are happy with your current casino, there is really no need to switch. That said, below you can read about what you may miss by not adding multiple online casinos to your portfolio.

Attention: Choose Wisely

Right off the bat, before we even begin listing the multiple benefits of patronizing more than one casino, we must warn our readers that they should always be extremely careful when choosing casinos. Just because there is profit in playing at multiple online casinos, it doesn’t mean that one should indiscriminately pick and sign up at the first result they find on their preferred search engine! Always exercise caution when deciding at which casino to sign up, there is a lot of junk and rogue gambling sites out there. You can always rely on our recommendations of the best casinos, or you can go at it on your own; either way, be careful and choose wisely.

With this out of the way, let’s look at the most common reasons for joining more than one online casino:

The Welcome Bonus, Anew

The number one reason people decide to add yet another online casino to their internet gambling arsenal, if you wish, is the option to be able to claim that amazing sign-up bonus. Among the online casinos, the welcome bonus, i.e. the bonus offered to new players, is the biggest and the best the casino would ever offer. It has become the main tool for the casino websites to attract new customers and/or to win customers from other establishments. As such, the casinos are willing to offer a lot, and players are more than happy to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Sadly, this type of bonus comes around only once at a particular casino. So by joining another reputable gambling website, those players can once again snatch that gigantic offer. If you know that the casino which offers the welcome bonus is good, there is nothing wrong in lusting over all that free money, and signing up to get it.

More Casinos: More Promotions

Sticking with the bonus theme, the welcome bonus, while the best, is not the only offer players get to enjoy at the casinos. Every online casino worth its salt will run plenty of promotions on weekly and monthly basis. You can see an example of current bonuses for existing players at some of the top casinos, to get an idea of what we are talking about. Players will also qualify for reload bonuses, rewards points, special holiday promos, custom offers, etc. By having an account with more than one casino, you get to pick and choose from multiple promotions, selecting only the ones that are the best fit for your budget and style of play. For instance, if you are a Bitcoin user, you can sift through the promos to find the best bonus for Bitcoin deposits; or if you prefer to deposit small, look for the best percentage bonus at this month’s casino offers. There are many more examples of why having the most possible promotions to choose from is a great situation to be in, however, we are certain you got the idea.

Different Casino Games To Play

Variety is the spice of life and the same could be said about the online casino games. Even though all casinos today will offer upwards of at least 300 games, most of us have our preferred style and we like to stick to it. And despite the fact that today’s video slots offered at the online casinos are amazing, playing the same games over and over for years could become rather boring. By joining another casino, which offers games from another casino developer, you get to instantly double the number of  casino games available to play.

One case in point are the movie-themed video slots. They are usually a driver for traffic to the casino, and as such are among the loosest (and most entertaining) ones on the block. But the software developers are in direct competition, trying to outbid each other for the exclusive rights to a franchise, so a slot you really wanted to play may never be available at your current casino. Thus in order to play that video slots, you have no other choice but to join a casino which does offer it.

Or: Play The Same Games

On the other side, if your primary casino offers games you don’t want to part with, but you still want more bonuses – find another reputable casino that uses the same gambling software. In going this route, one can multiply the bonus offers available, yet still enjoy their favorite casino games.

More Progressive Jackpots

For the fans of chasing big dreams, the option to add a dozen or more progressive jackpots to shoot for is a big plus. On first look it may not seem prudent to join another casino just for the progressive jackpots, but if you play smart, you may benefit from it. One example would be, if you like to target the must-hit-by jackpots. If you don’t know what they are, we have an extensive article on the types of progressive jackpots you can peruse. In this case, we are talking about the jackpots which must be won before they hit a predetermined amount. Every casino has them and when you play at more than one, obviously your pool of those particular jackpots increases. This way you could keep an eye on a bunch, and play only when they get very close to hitting.

Banking Methods

Playing at more than one online casino also provides the player with a much better array of banking methods. For better or worse, a lot of online casino customer still haven’t warmed up to Bitcoin and the other cryptos, and often exclusively deposit using credit cards. Unfortunately, credit cards are the least dependable funding method at the casinos, certain brands (such as Visa and Amex) being available for use one day and unavailable the next. If you find yourself in such a predicament, having an account with more than one casino would definitely alleviate the problem. And as mentioned above, if you choose, you can still play the same casino games, by joining a casino that uses the same gambling software as the original.

The list above covers the main reasons many people today hold accounts with multiple online casinos. Only you can decide whether playing at more than one online casino offers enough benefits. And whichever way you go, don’t forget to be careful and only select among the established respected online casinos.

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