Which online casino has the highest welcome bonus? Casinos ranked by bonus size

Over the years, the welcome bonuses at the online casinos have grown from what used to be an opportunity to merely double your bankroll to what have now reached extravagant heights. It is not surprising to see welcome bonuses as high as 5 times your deposit, often reaching 5-digit sums. And that’s just the free money the online casino will give you as a bonus, not including your own deposit. As such, there is no surprise that folks wish to extract the maximum possible value for their money.

For those of you who are looking for the highest welcome bonus at the online casinos, we have created this comparison page, ranking them by the most money you can get when you sign up with them. This is not to be confused with out list of big casino bonuses, a similar ranking, but taking into account much more than just the size of the bonus. Here, on the other hand, we will focus solely on ranking the casinos by how high their welcome bonuses can get.

Casino RankWelcome BonusWebsite
$7,777 + 300 free spins
400% + 50 free spins


Las Vegas USA | Bonus $10,000

When we rank the online casinos by the size of their welcome bonus offers, we must start with the Las Vegas USA right at the top. Not only does their bonus extend all the way up to $10,000 in free money, but their have been running this promotion for years already. As all online casino welcome bonuses, this one is based on your first deposit you make with the company.

And this one is generous not only on the money side, but on the percentage that would be matched – 400% to be exact! This means, for example, that if your first deposit here is $500, you will start playing with $2,500. And if you want to go for the gold, fund your account with the max amount  that would put you all the way to the $10K in free money and spend the rest of the year playing on the Las Vegas USA’s dime.

Despite the enormous bonus, this online casino is fully legit. It has been in operation since 2002 and over the past 20-plus years has built a stellar reputation. The games are plentiful, especially the video slots, and the casino even has a few dozen specialty games, such as Keno and scratch-card-style gambling. It is truly one of the most reputable online casinos and with the highest welcome bonus around, there is no reason one shouldn’t give them a spin.

SlotoCash Casino | Bonus: $7,777 and 300 free spins to boost

In this industry reputation is everything and SlotoCash is one of the few casinos that has a spotless one. But they also have a reputation for generosity towards their customers and their welcome bonus proves it. At up to $7,777 in free money, it doesn’t reach as high as the Las Vegas USA bonus above, but SlotoCash also adds extra 300 free spins to their offer, which certainly levels the playing field a bit.

One the other side, what pushed this casino lower in our ranking of the highest welcome bonuses is the concept of the welcome offer – it is actually divided into five consecutive bonuses. The first one gives the player a 200% match on their (first) deposit, and the subsequent four offers give you 177% and 100% match in free money.

Unlike our top ranked casino, here you can still get the advertised max amount, but it won’t be all at once. This has both pros and cons. The most obvious drawback is that you won’t get the $7,777 in one lump sum. A lot of people like to max out the bonus right away and feel that this gives them a better advantage, for instance, longer play time and better chance to hit it big, especially when playing the slots at a high bet level.

On the other side, you don’t have to deposit a lot of money all at once in order to max out the welcome bonus. The split offers let’s you “trickle down” your deposits, while still getting plenty of free chips from the casino. Another point in the pros’ column is that if you happen to cash out some winnings with your first deposit, you can take a break, enjoy your winnings and come back at some point in the future still having the rest of your welcome bonuses waiting for you. We find that this type of portioned welcome bonus does indeed favor the winners more than at any other casino. For that reason alone, we have ranked SlotoCash at this position on our list, above a casino which technically offers a larger welcome bonus amount.

Lucky Hippo Casino | Bonus: $9,000

Perhaps the youngest of the online casinos on this welcome bonus list, Lucky Hippo has been entertaining players for just over 6 years, which admittedly in this industry is equivalent to a century. But the cool name is not the only thing Lucky Hippo has got going on for them – the bonus is among the largest you can find.

Some of you may have already noticed that the welcome offer here falls just a bit short of the highest ranking one, but $9,000 is nothing to sneeze at. This bountiful bonus is based on 300% match to your first deposit you make at the casino, i.e. three times your deposit. Not bad at all, if we say so ourselves.

Lucky Hippo’s new customer bonus offer is also a bit of a hybrid between the previous two online casinos above. Yes, it does offer a 300% match up to $9K, but you are not necessarily locked into this particular promotion. There are two other bonuses you can choose from, namely a 250% match with 50 free spins on the Triple Sevens slot machine, or 225% match bonus with an extra 65 spin on the Pulsar video slot. Which one would you choose is completely up to you, but it’s great to have options.

Rich Palms Casino | Bonus: 400% plus 50 free spins

One of our favorite online casinos, Rich Palms is definitely raising the stakes with their welcome bonus. New players are entitled to a 400% match bonus on their first deposit, but only if they use the bonus code “BUBBLE400” when they make their first transaction. Not only can you get four times your deposit in free casino money, but you will also experience the Bubble Bubble 2 video slot with 50 spins absolutely free. But, again, in order to redeem this specific welcome bonus, you must use the bonus code. Their standard offer, for players who don’t know about this bonus code, is only 250% match on your initial deposit, so make sure you use this better one instead.

The Rich Palms casino is also famous for their many no deposit bonus offers, which are published at least a couple of times a month. So in addition to the very large welcome bonus, when you a customer of this top casino you will also get to play for free quite a bit, and have the chance to win real money in the process. Overall, a top bonus from a great online casino.

High Country Casino | Bonus: 500% match

We are rounding our top 5 casinos by bonus size with the High Country online casino. As promised at the beginning of this article, here is a casino where the welcome bonus has reached five times the amount of the first deposit a player makes! We are truly living in great times.

With such a gargantuan welcome bonus, you are forgiven if you begin to wonder why is this casino so low on our list of high welcome bonuses. Is the casino bad or something?

This is not the case, it’s absolutely one of the reputable online casinos, but the welcome bonus, while a lot percentage-wise, is not as big money-wise. Unlike the other casino bonuses we already reviewed, the offer at High Country goes as high as $2,500 in free chips. So, yes, you will get five times you deposit in free casino money, but up to $2.5K.

Which is not necessarily bad, especially for people not looking to risk a lot of money. We actually feel that this is among the best welcome bonuses you can get at the top online casinos, but since here were are simply ranking those bonuses based on size and not much else, we had to put this casino towards the bottom of the list. Yes, it is a very generous offer and just because it’s not ranked at the top spot it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play. On the contrary, if you are looking to spend only a few hundred tops, you won’t find a better deal around. But, again, this ranking is about the highest welcome bonus and you can get a lot more money, if willing to make the high deposit, at other casinos.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it folks – if you’ve ever wondered which online casino has the highest welcome bonus now you know the facts. We should advise you once again that the size of the bonus isn’t everything. Granted, all the casinos listed here are the cream of the crop, what works for one person may not work for another. As the High Country’s 500% new player bonus proves it, value will largely depend on the size of your first deposit.

Do you want to get the maximum possible amount of free money with the welcome bonus? Or are you after multiplying your deposit as many times as possible, even though you won’t get as many total free chips in return? These are precisely the kind of questions you should ask yourself before selecting a welcome bonus. The silver lining here is that they are all very generous and you can claim them all if you wish.

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