March Madness Betting: How to bet on the March Madness

March Madness is the term used to describe the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. It is one of the biggest and most exciting sporting events in the United States, and it takes place every year in March. The tournament consists of 68 teams from across the country competing in a single-elimination format, with the winner being crowned the national champion.

But the excitement of March Madness isn’t limited to the games themselves. For many people, the tournament presents an opportunity to participate in sports betting. March Madness betting is a popular activity that can be both entertaining and potentially lucrative for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to understand the betting options and make informed decisions.

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About March Madness

March Madness is a single-elimination tournament that takes place annually in the United States in March and April.

The tournament features 68 teams from Division I of the NCAA, which compete in a bracket-style format across seven rounds. The tournament is famous for its unpredictability and excitement, with lower-seeded teams often upsetting higher-ranked teams.

The tournament is divided into four regions: East, West, South, and Midwest. Each region has 16 teams, which are seeded from 1 to 16 based on their performance during the regular season.

The first four teams to make it to the tournament are referred to as “play-in” games, and the winners of these games advance to the round of 64, where the tournament officially begins.

The tournament culminates with the Final Four, which features the four remaining teams from the tournament. The winner of the tournament is crowned the national champion of college basketball.

March Madness is a highly anticipated event in the United States and attracts millions of viewers across the country. It is also a popular event for betting, with fans placing bets on which teams they believe will win the tournament.

March Madness Brackets

The tournament is organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and begins with a selection committee choosing 68 teams to participate in the tournament. These teams are then divided into four regions, each with 16 teams, and seeded according to their perceived strength. The top-ranked team in each region is given a #1 seed, the second-best team is given a #2 seed, and so on down to the #16 seed.

Once the teams are seeded, the tournament begins with a series of single-elimination games played over the course of several weeks. In the first round, the #1 seed plays the #16 seed, the #2 seed plays the #15 seed, and so on. The winners of these games move on to the next round, where they face off against each other based on their seedings.

As the tournament progresses, the field narrows until only four teams remain, one from each region. These four teams then compete in the “Final Four,” a single-elimination tournament held over a single weekend. The winner of each game in the Final Four then faces off in the championship game to determine the overall winner of the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, fans and sports enthusiasts alike often fill out “brackets,” predicting the winners of each game in the tournament. These brackets can be filled out online or on paper, and typically involve choosing a winner for each game until only one team is left standing. The excitement surrounding the tournament often makes these brackets a popular topic of conversation and competition among friends, family, and colleagues.

Types of March Madness Bets

Now let’s take a closer look at March Madness betting and explore some of the most common types of bets that people make during the tournament.

There are several different types of bets that can be made on March Madness, each with its own set of rules and potential payouts. Here are some of the most popular types of bets:

Point Spread Bets

Point spread bets are the most common type of bet made during March Madness. In this type of bet, a point spread is set for each game, and bettors must decide whether they think the favorite will win by more than the point spread or if the underdog will keep the game within the point spread.

For example, if the point spread for a game is set at -6.5 in favor of Team A, that means Team A is favored to win by 6.5 points. If you bet on Team A to cover the spread, they must win the game by 7 or more points for your bet to be successful. If you bet on the underdog to cover the spread, they can either win the game outright or lose by 6 points or fewer, and your bet will still be successful.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are another popular type of March Madness bet. In this type of bet, you simply choose which team you think will win the game outright, without any point spread involved. Moneyline bets can be riskier than point spread bets because you must pick the outright winner, but they can also offer larger payouts for successful bets.

For example, if Team A is the favorite with a -200 moneyline, that means you would need to bet $200 to win $100 if Team A wins the game. If Team B is the underdog with a +200 moneyline, that means you would win $200 if you bet $100 on Team B and they win the game outright.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bets, also known as totals, involve betting on the total number of points scored in a game. The sportsbook will set a line for the total number of points scored, and you must decide whether you think the actual total will be over or under that line.

For example, if the Over/Under for a game is set at 150, and you bet on the Over, you would need the total number of points scored in the game to be 151 or higher for your bet to be successful. If you bet on the Under, you would need the total number of points scored to be 149 or lower.

Futures Bets

Futures bets involve betting on the outcome of the tournament before it begins. You can bet on which team you think will win the national championship, or you can bet on which teams you think will make it to the Final Four. For March Madness, popular futures bets include betting on which team will win the national championship or which player will be named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament.

Prop Betting

Prop betting involves betting on a specific outcome that isn’t related to the final result of the game. For March Madness, popular prop bets might include the first team to score, the total number of three-pointers made, or the total number of rebounds by a particular player.

March Madness Betting Strategies

Understand the Odds

The first step in developing a March Madness betting strategy is to understand the odds. The odds are a way of expressing the likelihood of a particular outcome, and they’re typically expressed as a ratio or a percentage. For example, if a team is favored to win a game, they might have odds of -150, which means you’d need to bet $150 to win $100. On the other hand, if a team is an underdog, they might have odds of +150, which means a $100 bet would win you $150.

When you’re looking at March Madness odds, it’s important to remember that they can change rapidly based on various factors, such as injuries, team performance, and public opinion. So, be sure to keep an eye on the odds leading up to the games you’re interested in betting on.

Do Your Research

To make informed bets, you need to do your research. This means looking at a variety of factors that can impact the outcome of the game. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  • Team performance: Look at how well the teams have been playing leading up to the tournament. Are they on a winning streak, or have they been struggling?
  • Key players: Injuries or absences of key players can significantly impact a team’s performance. Make sure to check if any players are injured or suspended before placing your bets.
  • Matchups: Look at how the teams match up against each other. Consider factors such as playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Historical data: Look at how the teams have performed in past March Madness tournaments. Do they tend to do well, or do they typically get knocked out early?

Look for Value in the Underdogs

While betting on the favorites is a safe strategy, it’s not always the most profitable. Sometimes, the underdogs can offer great value, especially if they’re playing against a team that’s overrated or struggling. When looking for value in the underdogs, focus on teams with good records, strong defenses, and players who can shoot from beyond the arc. These are the kinds of teams that can pull off upsets and win you big money.

Bet on the Totals

Another effective March Madness betting strategy is to bet on the totals. The totals are the combined score of both teams, and they’re a great way to make money if you can accurately predict the outcome of a game. When betting on the totals, look for games where the teams are evenly matched, and where there’s a good chance that both teams will score a lot of points. These are the kinds of games where the totals are likely to be set too low, giving you a great opportunity to win big.

Hedge Your Bets

One of the most important principles of successful sports betting is to always hedge your bets. This means placing multiple bets on different outcomes, so that you’re covered in case one of your bets doesn’t come through. In March Madness, hedging your bets is particularly important because there are so many games taking place over a short period of time. By hedging your bets, you’ll be able to minimize your losses and increase your chances of making a profit.

Pay Attention to the Point Spread

The point spread is one of the most important aspects of March Madness betting, as it determines the margin of victory that a team needs to cover in order to win your bet. When betting on the point spread, it’s important to pay close attention to the line movement, as this can give you a good idea of which way the game is likely to go. If the line moves in favor of the underdog, for example, this could be a sign that the bookmakers believe that the underdog has a good chance of winning the game outright.


Overall, March Madness betting can be a thrilling and potentially profitable activity for sports fans. By doing your research, managing your bankroll effectively, and choosing the right types of bets, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy the excitement of the tournament even more.

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