Is Bovada Casino legit?

Being one of the most popular online casinos in the world, it’s hardly a surprise that many people are wondering is Bovada Casino legit? If you are one of those folks, we commend you for beginning your casino search with a research, rather than just clicking on whatever comes first. Or you may have seen the Bovada gambling website being advertised or recommended on other websites and you may be wondering, is this casino legit? Regardless of the reasoning behind your research, it is praiseworthy that you are doing your homework before you sign up at any gambling website.

If you are after the quick and easy answer – yes, Bovada Casino is legit. You can sign up today, get the nice welcome bonus offer and start playing without worries. If you wish to learn more about this famous online casino, read on.

Not only is Bovada Casino legit, it is technically one of the oldest internet casinos in the world. The roots of the current Bovada website can be traced back to the late 90’s when the casino was first opened under the name “Bodog”. And while a lot has changes since, the people behind the scenes, working to support and maintain the high quality of the product, remain as dedicated today as they did nearly two decades ago. As you can tell, this gambling website has always used a quirky name, from the beginning till now, which, we believe, is one of the main reasons people tend to ask whether Bovada is legit; because it does sound like a made-up name (which it is, by the way).

Indeed, the casino as undergone some changes since it first began accepting new customers years ago. First established by the eccentric Canadian millionaire Calvin Ayre, the casino was later sold to Canada’s Mohawk Nation, the deal also stipulating the current rebranding to the Bovada name. But throughout the years, Bovada has consistently offered an amazing product – the online casino has always been on the technological forefront, offering all the latest games, stunning visuals and the first to really present an excellent mobile platform, for those of us accessing the casino on mobile devices. The company also runs one of the most successful internet sportsbooks, and during the heydays of poker – the Bovada poker room was as busy as they came.

So, yes ,the Bovada online casino is not only legit, but it is widely considered to be the one of the best, including by us. One can refer to our Bovada review for detailed information, but we can briefly highlight some of the features onto which the casino prides itself. As mentioned, the casino has a very large number of games, over 300 video slots alone make up this gigantic entertainment offering. The bonus for new customer has always been on the large side, despite the fact that the casino is among the must popular, but the free chips don’t stop raining there. Customers using Bitcoin to deposit are treated to additional bonuses and the promotions for current customers include reward points, deposit bonuses, free withdrawals and more. The casino always pays on time and the customer service is knowledgeable of the product and attentive to their customers. Overall, we have rated the Bovada casino among the top three online casinos in the world.

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