Getting free chips from the casino with no money

How to get free chips from the online casinos with no money

One of the biggest appeals of the online casinos is the player’s ability to get a lot for their money. Whether this is expressed as a wide variety of games, slot machines with excellent graphics and gameplay or as bonus money, there is little doubt that the online casino has a huge edge over its land-based equivalent. And I am certain that if you ask ten people, nine of them will point to the free chips they can get from the casinos as their top reason to gamble online.

Today we will focus exactly onto these options and show you how you can get free chips from the online casinos, oftentimes with no money risked on your part. And sure, it may sound too good to be true, but believe me, it is not a fable. Below you will find legitimate ways you can get free chips at nearly all online casinos.

Free Money Bonuses (a.k.a. Free Chips)

This is the epitome of the “free chips” idea – the free money bonus. Quite a few of the good casinos offer these bonuses regularly, both to new and existing customers. These offers are so popular and yet prolific, we have dedicated a special page on our website which tracks the free chips offers from the best online casinos, listing the very latest free money bonuses. Since these are so important and the easiest way to get free chips from the online casinos with no money needed, let’s dive a bit deeper into this subject.

At first read, it’s only natural that the “too good to be true” mantra would pop up into anyone’s mind. After all, how does it make sense for a casino to give its customers free money, out of the blue and for no apparent reason, right? The land based casino certainly don’t do this.

But the fact is that the online casinos can and do offer a lot of these free chips bonuses. It’s one of their most popular tools of attracting and retaining customers. And since their overhead is quite lower than a traditional casino’s, it’s easier for them to offer these free chips.

How does the free chips offer work?

So how do these free money bonuses work? It’s really simple and anyone can easily claim them when a casino is offering them. They can come in two ways – either as a straight-up offer of free casino chips or as a bonus code. The former is easiest, simply claim the bonus at your favorite casino and the amount of free chips will be instantly credited to your account. For the latter, one would have to enter the bonus code in the Cashier section of the online casino offering the free chips bonus, but after that – it’s right in your bankroll and you can start playing. And we should say it one more time – none of these casino offers require you to deposit any money in order to claim them!

Can you cash out the free chips winnings?

Absolutely! The wins from your free chips bonus are cashable for real money, with a few caveats.

First, there is a limit to how much real money you can cash out. Unlike a traditional match bonus, where the winnings are unlimited, but you have to deposit money to claim the bonus, the free chips have a ceiling on the max cashout amount. This is done so the casinos can protect themselves from big winners, which on first thought may sound a bit sleazy, but let’s not forget that you got free money in the first place, so any winnings you can cash out for real money is, well, a win. In reality, it’s nothing to sneeze at. For example, a casino may offer you $30 in free chips with a max cashout of $180. If you are lucky enough to turn $30 into $180, at the end of the day you are $180 ahead of the game, while having to risk absolutely nothing. If that’s not a great proposition, I don’t know what is.

The second caveat involves the wagering requirements. When a player claims a free chips bonus, they have to wager that money a certain amount of times, before the winnings become eligible for withdrawal. For instance, a free chips offer may require wagering 30x (thirty times) the amount before one can withdraw it for real money; i.e. if the bonus is $30, the player must make $900 worth of wagers. It may sound a lot, but when you think about how long you can play at a video slot machine without losing your bankroll, it’s quite doable. The online casinos put those requirements to protect themselves from bonus fraud. If they did not exist, nothing stops the player from simply claiming the free chips and then cashing them out for real money, without playing for even a second.

The “Free Spins” Alternative

An alternative to the free chips is the free spins bonus. To online gambling beginners they may sound like the same thing, and while there are plenty of similarities, there are differences, as well. Let’s take a more comprehensive look.

The free spins are a number of spins the casino gives the player on a specific video slot. Right off the bat, you can see that the free spins are a tad more restrictive by nature. The free chips can be enjoyed on nearly any of the slots the casino offers, but the free spins are available to play only on a certain slot machine. Another difference is that when you claim a free spins bonus, not only is the slot machine already selected for you, but so is the bet level. You won’t be able to wager higher or lower per spin, but on the bright side, the wagering requirements for the free spins are lower than those for the free chips.

The casinos often run the free spins promotions when a new video slot is published and they use the bonus to introduce that slot machine to their customers. That said, those online casinos which are known for their plentiful bonuses will have at least a couple of the free spins codes every month. It’s a decent alternative to the free chips offer and just like those – no money is required on your part in order to play and possibly cash out some real money in the end.

Other ways to get free chips from the casino

The free chips bonuses are great, but they are not the only way you can get some cash from the casino with no money required on your part. The following alternatives are for existing customers at the online casino, but still provide a way to get some free chips.

Rewards and Points

The easiest way is by taking advantage of the rewards system at your particular casino. Every casino will have a reward program, even the land-based ones, and trust me when I say that the online casinos are, once again, much more generous in this regard.

The exact reward program will depend on the online casino, but the generally follow a similar structure. A player will get reward points for every dollar they wager at the casino and those points can then be converted into free chips and other benefits. Most gaming companies will have a tiered system, where the more the player wagers the higher they climb on the reward ladder, which in turn increases the points they get per dollar wagered.

For example, a player may wager $1,000 and get 1,000 points in return. Those points could be converted at a 10-to-1 ratio, a very common starting point in any reward system, which means that the player can then get $10 in free chips. It may not seem impressive, but keep in mind that the reward points work in the background and accumulate every time you play at the casino. It’s not uncommon for people to just forget about them and all of a sudden, you have quite a bit of points in your account, just waiting to be turned into free chips with a lick of a button. And the best part is that at the reputable casinos, those points behave just like real money, i.e. you can cash them out right away, instead of gambling with them.

Personalized free chips bonus offers

Another alternative option for getting free chips from the casinos for no money deposited is with the personal bonus offers. Some online casinos will send their customers special bonuses, usually every week, which won’t even be advertised to the general public or to review websites like ours. Custom tailored to their players, sometimes even to the individual player, they will take the form of either free chips of free spins, following the scenarios described earlier, but will not be available to just anyone. The rule of thumb is that the same casinos offering free bonus codes are the same casinos with the highest personal bonuses, as well. So if you are a player at one of those online casinos, make sure you check out their emails and keep an eye on those personalized bonus offers.

Do you know of any other ways to get free chips?

As you can see for this sizable guide, there are plenty of ways to get free chips from the online casino without any money on your side. Some of them are better than others, but in the end, they all work the same way to deliver the desired result. If you know of any other way to get free chips with no money, please, let us know and we would be more than happy to include it on our list. We are all after the same goal, and you would be helping everyone wins some extra money while enjoying their time at the casino.

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