How to gamble online without using a credit card

There are many reasons why a player would like to gamble at their favorite online casino without having to use their credit cards. For instance, at this point in time, everyone knows that using your credit card online always carries some risk, sadly, oftentimes more risk than any of us is willing to bear. Or maybe you don’t have a credit card and only debit card, in such cases we don’t recommend anyone using their debit at any place o the Internet. Unlike credit cards, where fraud is almost always credited back, this is not the norm with debit cards. Of course, a player may have many other reasons to be unwilling to use credit card to gamble online. We won’t cover them all, rather focus on how you can gamble online without a credit card.

The most popular alternatives to credit cards at the online casinos are as follows:

  • Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)
  • E-wallet
  • Prepaid Card
  • Check (Bank Account)
  • Wire (Bank Account)

Bitcoin – the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is now widely accepted at both casino and betting websites all over the world. It is the single best alternative to credit cards, and once people get over the perceived complexity and find out how easy it is to work with Bitcoin, they never go back to traditional funding methods. You can find a list of Bitcoin casinos here to get you started.

So why you should use Bitcoin to gamble online without credit card? There are multiple benefits to the famous crypto, so let’s look at some of them. First and foremost, enhanced privacy is built into the system, allowing people to make payments without having to disclose any sensitive information. If you have been active online for a while and used your credit card to make any purchases, undoubtedly you have had to deal with fraud. Whether a website you bought from was hacked or someone from the inside stole your info, using a credit card online is becoming a real chore. Well, Bitcoin allows the player to make deposits at the online casino without having to use their credit card. Of course, you can purchase Bitcoin at your preferred exchange with a credit card, if you so desire, or you can buy using a bank account, and even cash at dedicated Bitcoin ATM.

To make this funding method even more appealing, a lot of online casinos will offer additional bonuses and promotions specifically for using Bitcoin as your deposit and/or withdrawal method. And since it’s safer for both the player and the casino, most gambling websites actually allow for much higher deposit, and more importantly, much higher payout amounts, when using Bitcoin, instead of credit card.

E-wallet – while not available to players from USA, the casinos also give you the option to gamble online without using credit card by simply utilizing one of the popular e-wallets. The most famous among them, and the ones most likely to be accepted by your online casino, include Neteller and Skrill. They work much in the way they are named. Your wallet acts like a centralized account, which you can fund using any of the myriad of methods: credit card, bank account, even cash through vouchers you can acquire at many retail stores.

In addition to protecting the player’s privacy and financial details, the e-wallets are a very convenient way to transact with the online casino. Processing times for transactions using ewallets are instantaneous and there are no fees associated with using your ewallet instead of a credit card to play casino games. Even though rare, some gambling sites will also offer special bonuses for using this banking method.

Prepaid Card – an alternative to a credit card, many online casinos today also accept this form of “debit” card: for example, SlotsPlus Casino and Las Vegas USA Casino. We put the debit portion in quotation marks, since even though these cards are not linked to your bank account, you actually “debit” from the amount you have previously purchased. They are available literally at any convenience and major retail stores and could be part of any popular payment processing network – VISA, MC, Amex, etc. They are simple to buy and use – all you have to do is purchase one at the store and you are done. Some of the prepaid cards could be funded over and over again, avoiding having to use a different card every time, acting, as noted, much like a debit card. Advantages include not having to use your actual credit card when gambling online, you can fund it with cash, no personal information exposed to hackers and fraudsters, etc.

Bank Account (Check & Wire) – while this is one of the more popular methods of getting your payout of the online casino, as a funding one it is rarely available today. Still, some casinos may accept deposits with check or wire transfer, so we have included it here, as well. It’s pretty self explanatory how this works, so we won’t spend too much time explaining it – you send a wire or a check to the casino, once it clears, the funds are available at your casino account. Obviously this type of banking method is very slow and cumbersome, but it is preferred by a small portion of the players – the high roller casino patron. Even gambling sites that do not advertise this banking option will offer it to their VIP players, so it’s something to keep in mind.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to gamble online without a credit card. Some of those are actually much safer and more secure than using the old plastic, and will even give you extra bonus for choosing it over the credit cards. Visit our home page to see a list of approved gambling websites that take these alternative payment methods.

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