High Limit Online Casinos: High stakes, best high roller casino list

When we hear the words “high roller” and casinos, many of us instantly conjure images of ballers entering Las Vegas casinos from stretch limousines. Red carpet, free presidential suit style rooms, never pay for drinks and a special VIP roped-out section of the casino just for the high stakes players is what usually comes along with this type of status at the Vegas casinos. Alas, the high limit online casino players usually don’t get perks like those, but they still get to enjoy the high stakes gambling. And you will never hear of people gambling away a million bucks at the online casino, simply because this level of lavishness is not common online.

As a matter of fact, it has become quite hard to find high stakes online casinos these days, although we have a few that would fit the bill. The high limit betting is more common with the sportsbooks, rather than the casinos, the former working with much larger numbers. But at the casinos, where there is a predetermined payout percentage, it’s much harder to find a casino willing to take on the real risk of a huge loss that the high roller brings to the table. That said, let’s quickly look at the best high roller online casinos, those that allow high stakes gambling, before we go any further.

Best High Limit Online Casinos


As our top feature of this online casino notes, there is no substitution for experience, especially when the high stakes players are involved. Bovada is not only one of the oldest casinos on the internet, it also runs one of the most popular sportsbooks. The experience and know-how they have dealing with high stakes customers comes invaluable on the casino side. Top casino for high limit players.

Top Feature

Long experience catering to high rollers.

This is out favorite overall online casino and there is something here for the high limit player, as well. The welcome bonus alone should entice you to give Las Vegas USA a try, if you are looking to play high stakes at a gambling website - you could quadruple your deposit and start with cool $10K right off the gate!

Top Feature

400% match bonus up to $10,000 for high rollers

If you want to play the slots with a very high betting limit, then Red Stag is the casino for you. The best part is that all popular new 3D slot machines go pretty high on the wagering scale. There are a ton of promotions and you can get up to 25% cashback, which for high rollers is nothing to sneeze at.

Top Feature

No max deposit amount with Bitcoin

Lucky Red has a little bit of everything to make the high roller experience better. To start with, it offers a 400% match bonus with no max withdrawal limit, something that would be greatly appreciated by those who bet large. Almost 100 of the games have high stakes limits, and to put the cherry on top: players can enjoy unlimited 65% cahsback on slots!

Top Feature

No maximum cashout restriction on 400% welcome bonus

Another great online casino for high roller players, Miami Club offers over 300 games with nearly 50% of them having the option to go high stakes. All popular table games offer high betting limits and Miami Club has no minimum deposit when using Bitcoin.

Top Feature

Unlimited deposit amount, when using Bitcoin (BTC)

What makes a high roller online casino?

Now that we have the list of the top 5 high stakes online casinos, let’s take the discussion a bit deeper and see what really makes a casino “high roller” friendly. Some of the points would apply to the B&M casinos, such as those in Vegas, but some would be unique to the platform itself – the Internet. While the web tries to imitate real life, it’s not always black and white. So, let’s take a look at what makes a high roller online casino.

# High Stakes and High Limits

The first thing that qualifies an online casino to be considered a high stakes one, of course, is allowing large wagers. Customer should be able to place large bets at the tables and at the slot machines. After all, no self-proclaimed high roller would bet $1 per spin and have fun doing it. And while it may be easier to assume that all you have to do, as a casino, is let people bet high limits at the slots, the reality is not so simple. When you think about it, some of the slot payouts often come to 50 or 100 times the bet, so if a customer is wagering $100 per spin, you can imagine the size of the payout one of those good hits; and you can imagine the size of the hit the casino would take with this type of players. Or a blackjack table offering a max of $100 per hand – hardly could be called high stakes.

Sure, it’s easy to say “let people bet high stakes, it just means they’d lose more”, but in fact, the reputable casinos don’t have the option to decide if a player wins or loses, it truly is all about luck, and luck works both ways: for the casino and for the player. For same people it may seem like all they do is lose at the casino (and that may be absolutely true, if you had the bad fortunes to end up at a rogue casino), the actual facts differ quite a bit. And while the online sportsbooks can balance their wagers by moving the odds, the casinos are unable to employ the same strategy to stave off huge liabilities. Therefore, it is quite the financial risk to allow high limits wagering and not many online casinos have the ability to deal with big winners like that. So finding a high stakes online casino is definitely not an easy task.

# Large Deposits

It goes without saying that you can’t really claim to be a high stakes online casino unless people can deposit and gamble with large amounts. Not only should the high stakes casino allow for large deposit amounts, they also should provide a wide range of various banking methods, as well. As you can imagine, not all casinos would be able to deliver on this front, but it is mandatory for one to do so, in order to be considered high roller friendly.

# Large Withdrawals

The same logic we used about the deposit should be equally applied to the withdrawals. After all, what good is it for a high stakes player to win big, if it would take them years to withdraw their winnings?!? Most online casinos, due to various regulatory and safety reasons, today have limited the withdrawals (and deposits, for that matter), both in frequency and in size. It is currently the industry standard to allow for about $2,000 per withdrawal, per payout method. While for most people this would be sufficient (unless you hit one of the huge progressive jackpots), for high rollers this is peanuts. The high stakes player often needs a 5-figure withdrawal ability. Fortunately, Bitcoin entering the market has made facilitating this process much easier for the casinos and those catering to high limit players will be able to accommodate them without issue.

Another point that must be made is that when it comes to high roller casinos, the withdrawal amounts advertised on the casino website often do not apply. What we mean is that certain players, such as high roller ones or those who have been with the online casino for a long time, get the benefit of enjoying much broader banking freedom with the gambling website. You can look at it as one of the perks for VIP customers that would usually be offered at a land-based casino.So when we note the withdrawal amounts at the casinos in the beginning of this article, keep in mind that they are not set in stone for high rollers – many of the casinos would go as far as offering no withdrawal limit to their VIP players.

# Games With High Limits

And finally, in order to be a high roller, you need a casino with games that would actually let you bet high stakes. And let’s be perfectly frank, you would need plenty of games with high limits, not just a handful. This is the sticky point for the online casinos and why many of them have chosen not to work with high stakes players. Table games are generally fine for offering high limit bets, after all, the house advantage is well-baked into the equation. The casinos can offer separate table games for high limit customers, limiting the minimum bet as well, in order to mitigate their risk.

But the slot machines are a bit different. Especially if we take the new “3D” slots, where the paytable is so large, there are multiple bonus rounds, expanding wilds, many ways to win, etc. – you get the idea. Those are the most fun to play, the easiest to win while playing, and high limits here could spell quite the hurt for the online casino. And this is probably the single biggest reason why not every online casino is accommodating to high roller customers. Its just too much risk for your everyday run-of-the-mill casino (honestly, both online and brick&mortar).

And that is also the reason why the list of the best high roller online casinos is so small. If you want to bet big and win big, those are your best options. And while it may seem tempting to go explore on your won and find even more casinos that claim to offer high stakes gambling, we should strongly caution against it. Let’s put it this way, you would not want to deal with large amounts at a casino which doesn’t have a squeaky clean reputation built over many years in the industry!

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