Double your money at the casino

How to double your money at the online casino the easy way

If you’ve ever watched a movie, you would certainly recall a scene where someone is always trying to double their money. Whether they would be at a casino, race track or something more ordinary – when people talk about winning, it always seems like doubling is what they are after. In this guide we will show you a few easy tricks to achieve exactly that, i.e. how to double your money at the online casino. And we will do this the easy way, without much effort (or risk) required.

Take advantage of the new player bonus

The first and the easiest way you can double (or more) your bankroll is if you have never played at an online casino and you are opening an account for the first time. New customers are always treated to the largest casino bonuses and if there was an easier way to double your money at a casino we haven’t found it yet.

Due to the ever-increasing competition in the online gambling world, the casinos are in a race with one another to attract the most players possible, and the welcome bonus is their strongest tool. Even the Las Vegas casinos, now that many US states have allowed internet gambling, are facing the need to offer welcome bonuses to potential players, something unheard of in the Sin City’s land-based-only days.

So the easiest way to double your money is to take advantage of one of those bonuses for new customers. Oftentimes you will get much more than twice your bankroll in free chips, many casinos today offer 300%, 400% and even higher match on your first deposit. So when you claim a 400% bonus, even if you end up losing more than half of your total bankroll, you’d still have easily doubled your money. All while significantly decreasing your risk, which is the best part of this option.

Existing players options to double your money

While the potential new customers tend to get the best deal at the online casino, as far as free money is concerned, the casinos don’t just shrug away their existing players. On the contrary, a slew of bonuses are available to the current customers of the casino, most of which will let you double your money just by claiming the offer. These bonuses for existing players are not to be underestimated.

Now, we are not going to lie to you, those bonuses will be smaller than the welcome bonus, percentage-wise. You won’t get to start with four or five times you deposit, but plenty of them will be in the 100% to 200% range, which is still a great start. Form there, it’s quite easy to double your money, while meeting the wagering requirements of the bonus.

You may be skeptically wondering if it was so easy to double your money with the bonuses, why isn’t everyone doing it? We will cover this at the end of our article.

Play the right games and skip the wrong ones

Games to avoid Choosing the correct games to play, especially if you are going with the bonus strategy, is imperative when trying to double your money at the casino.

If you were to ask someone what the best way would be to double your money at the casino, 9 out of 10 times the suggestion would be to simply go to the roulette table and bet on black or red. And at first glance, this advice does make sense, after all, you’d have a fifty-fifty chance of winning, which would double your bet. But many inexperienced gamblers always forget about the zeros, which drops your odds of winning below 50%. Never forget that the house always has a built-in edge in those table games.

Avoid the table games if using bonus

Another reason to shun the table games is if you’ve taken a bonus (as you should). The casinos aren’t stupid, they know that if they gave you 4-5 times your bankroll in bonus money, you could go to the tables and out of 5-6 spins of the roulette wheels or blackjack hands, chances are pretty good you’d win at least once. To avoid having people doubling their money this easily, table games are generally excluded from the wagering requirements of a casino bonus.

And in the rare cases they are not excluded, either the bets you make at the tables would count at a much smaller rate towards satisfying those requirements or the wagering requirements would increase if you are playing the table games with the bonus money. In either case the end result would be the same – harder to double your money. So our advice would be to try and stay away from the table games. Unless your strategy to doubling your money at the casino is to just let it ride on the table and see what happens. Just remember that in this case your chances of winning are less than 50 percent.

The depositing methods matter

Choosing a depositing method wisely is another way to double your money. Most online casinos will have a preferred method for deposits and will offer quite the substantial reward when the player funds their account with it. For example, the Bovada Casino offers a $750 welcome bonus, but if you deposit via Bitcoin or other crypto, that bonus jumps to $3,750 – quite the difference. A lot of the casinos will do the same, which is great for those who want to use this trick to double their money.

Practice money discipline and management

Money discipline to win double Remember earlier, when we talked about the bonus, we smirked about how if it was this easy everyone would be doing it? The fact of the matter is that they are. The problem is that once they double their money, a lot of people keep going, chasing the triple, the extra zero, etc. Being disciplined and practicing money management is one of the most crucial parts of the plan to double your money at the casino. You have already set your goal, stick to it and don’t look for excuses to deviate from that plan. If you manage to do this one simple thing – the hardest part is already done!

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