Play video slots for free

Free video slots: play slots with bonus and free spins

If you find yourself with some spare time and want to do something fun, playing free slots is one of the more entertaining ways to do it. Online you can find myriad of websites and apps that will let you do exactly that, but there is a better way.

What if I told you that you can not only play free slots, but also have the chance of winning some real cash, all while you risk nothing in return? If this sounds interesting, read on.

But let’s take a quick detour for those of you who already know how to play free video slots and are simply looking for the latest codes to do it. We won’t make those of you read through our entire guide in order to get to the goodies, so here are the latest free slots play codes:

Video SlotFree PlayCodeCasino
All video slots$50 free chipLUCKYCHIP50Lucky Tiger
Desert Raider50 free spins
(win up to $200 real money)
Sheriff vs Bandits$5 free to play the slot
(cash out real $150)
MBANDIT5Miami Club
All slots$40 free play
(max cash out $100)
OFD40Las Vegas USA
Vegas XL33 spins
(win $180 in real money)
VEGASXL33Uptown Aces
Most video slots$35 free money
(withdraw $100)
OFD35Sun Palace
Lion Dance Festival$15 free
(win up to $180)
No code neededDesert Nights Casino

How to play free video slots

Essentially, there are two ways you can achieve it. The more traditional way would be to simply search for websites and apps that offer just that – fake casino slots you can play without the chance of winning real money, i.e. they are purely for fun. Well, kind of. When you consider that you have to either sit through a ton of ads every time you open the app, or you get tricked into making in-game purchases to unlock new slots or something of that nature, they don’t end up being all that much fun in the end. But they are technically free to play.

Another, and in our opinion, the better way to go about this is to take advantage of a feature every decent online casino has these days – the “play for free” option of their casino games. And this is what we will focus on in this article, condensing that this option actually gives you the chance to walk out not only without seeing a single ad or having to buy anything when you play the video slots for free, but also with the chance to win real, tangible money.

Play to win real money or for fun

Whether you choose to play free slots at an app specifically developed for just entertainment (no gambling involved) or at one of the best online casinos, you will have the ability to play without neither spending any money nor having the chance to win any real money. The former simply doesn’t have the option for winning money, while the casinos do give you the option to play all of their video slots for free.

This is done by simply visiting the casino and going to their slots section. You can select any game and start playing it with fake chips, as much as your heart desire. Needless to say, none of the winnings you accumulate at the online casino when using “play money” are yours to cash out. Akin to those free game apps, they are just for fun and to try out the games before you commit to becoming a customer of the casino.

Of course, the gigantic difference is that there is a way to play free video slots at an online casino, yet still cash out real money in the end. This is what this guide is all about, and if this is your first time learning about this, just read on.

Free slots at the casino

The main difference between playing slots at the casino or at one of the websites (or apps) which offer free casino-style games is, of course, the possibility of winning real money. You can play games for free and win real money, and this is what we will focus on in our guide. Further down we cover all of the ways you can play free video slots and actually stand the chance to withdraw some cash in the process.

Another huge drawback of going with the free games apps is that, for one, you will constantly be bombarded with ads by the app. They must make money somehow, and intrusive advertisements are the norm right now, for nearly any free app to be honest. And even if the app has a way to remove those pesky ads, it comes at an actual cost, so you would end up spending money to play free slots, which doesn’t really make much sense.

A benefit of playing at an online casino vs a free app is the quality and variety of games you get to enjoy. While some (paid) apps do offer a few very interesting games, the majority are very basic and don’t go nearly into as much detail as you will find at a casino. This is to be expected, since slots are the casino’s bead and butter, so it’s only natural that the best product will be found there. The casinos must keep their customers happy and entertained, or they will simply move to a competitor. Thus it makes a lot of sense for the casinos to offer the best possible product and avoid complacency by introducing newer, better, and more elaborate video slots.

How to play free slots with a bonus

The first option is to play the slots for free using a bonus, a no-deposit bonus to be exact. Of course, you can play slots with any of the casino bonuses, but today we are laser focused on doing it without having to spend a single dime. And this is where the no deposit bonus comes into play.

A lot of reputable online casinos these days offer this form of bonus, and you can read about how the no deposit bonus works in more depth here. But the short version is as follows: the online casino will publish a bonus code which when claimed entitles the player to a small amount of free chips. These chips can be used to play any of the video slots the casino maintains and you can start playing right away.

The awesome part of this is that you can actually withdraw some of your winnings in the form of real money. You’ve read that right – the casino gives you free chips, you play some of their slots and you can cash out real money. How awesome is that?

We are not revealing some big secret when we tell you that this is a promotional tool for the casinos. They do this in order to attract (and retain) customers, and there is nothing wrong with that. You won’t be able to withdraw unlimited amount, it’s usually around $200. And you have to wager a certain amount on the slots before your money becomes eligible for cashout.

But we say: so what? At the end of the day, you get to play real casino slots, with all the excellent features, awesome graphics and sounds, choose from hundreds of those video slots, do it all for free, and still have the option to cash out some money. How could anyone smirk at such proposition?  All you have to do is claim the bonus code and start playing, not much effort required.

How to get free spins at the video slots

The free spins option to play slots is similar in concept, but a bit different in implementation. Unlike using the free casino coins bonus, with the spins you are limited to one particular slot machine. And you won’t be able to adjust the bet size right away.

In this case, the casino will give you a certain number of free spins you can use on one video slot, with the bet level preset in advance. Here you can use those free spins and once they are over, whatever you’ve won is yours to continue playing, at any other slot machine and at whatever level you wish.

Luckily, these free spins offers are always on some of the latest video slots, if now the newest slot machine the casino has. So you get to play the best games, and in general, the free spins amount to longer play, without any deposit, of course.

In Conclusion

Which way you would choose to set up your free slots play is up to you. Sometimes the choice will be made for you, since these offers don’t come along as often as we wish, so you get what’s available at the time. Other times, there will be an abundance of both bonus and free spins options. In that case you really don’t have to spend much time choosing – use them all.

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