Are there online casinos taking Amex credit cards?

The credit cards (and debit cards) are the most popular instrument for payments on the Internet today and not surprisingly – at the online casinos, as well. And while many people deposit at the casinos with credit cards and a lot of casino websites take certain credit cards, the question of which ones accept Amex (American Express) comes up quite often in your emails.

American Express, also referred to as Amex, is among the top 4 most popular credit card brands and it’s only natural that people who gamble online will look for online casinos taking Amex as a payment method. Unfortunately, there are no internet casinos at this time that accept Amex for deposits and withdrawals, not only for USA players, but for online players all over the world. The fact that the online casinos don’t take Amex cards is not so much as a result of tougher credit cards processing, rather the problem lies with American Express itself. A long time ago this credit card issuer decided that people who use their card are not grown up enough to make their own spending decisions and completely cut all forms of gambling from the approved list of transactions one can make with their Amex branded card, both credit and debit. Even legal gambling websites, for example, US horse racing or UK casino, are not allowed to accept American Express cards as a depositing option.

Of course, there are ways one can use their Amex credit card at an online casino. For example, many UK online casinos offer ewallets that themselves will take Amex cards and then the player can use the ewallet to fund their online casino account, but it’s nothing short of jumping hoops and racking up credit card fees. And if you are an US player, it is nearly impossible to fund your casino account with American Express, since no casino will accept this payment method. For those players, using a different credit card brand will be the best option for depositing money. See which casinos take various credit cards by following the link on the menu to the right.

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