Online Casino Software Providers: Popular casino games software developers

All of the casino games we enjoy stem from the creativity of casino software development companies. These companies are the type that specializes in the ideation and completion creation of casino games via the use of lines of codes and other technical tools. As expected no same casino game is of the same quality because different games are made by different companies. Therefore, this serves as the background for comparison and in this article, facts and opinions about the different major casino games software development companies will be shared.

The information that is to be shared in this article is important because it helps players to make better games choices and to have a better experience. Also, casino games software development companies can take a cue from this review on how they can make their products better.

One point to consider when comparing the different online casino software developers is that nearly all will have some country restrictions. For example, Microgaming Software does not allow the casinos to accept players from the USA. This is one of the reasons we have omitted this developer from our reviews. Due to the fact that our website is international, we always strive to only talk about the most inclusive companies, rather than those who are limited to just a few countries all over the world.

Major Casino Software Developers

1.    Real Time Gaming

Number one on the list of software developers to be discussed in this article is Real Time Gaming which is popularly known as RTG. The company is arguably the oldest casino game software development company in the world as it was founded in 1998. RTG as a company strives to live up to its name and provide the players with something similar to a brick-and-mortar casino experience. Their library is stacked with hundreds of titles ranging from regular table games to video slots which involves themes. RTG also organizes tournaments for players and gives some attractive bonuses. The options for players are almost limitless for people that choose real-time gaming.

2.    Playtech

Playtech is another giant casino game software development company. They have proven their quality with over 600 casino games that are in large demand. The company expanded into other spheres of online gaming by creating poker and bingo software which gives them an edge over other software developers in the industry. Following the wide acceptance and usage of mobile phones, Playtech is one of the first software developers to partner with companies that manufacture mobile phones. Through this, they were able to make their amazing products and services available to people that want to play via mobile phones. With this innovation, players can now have their casino gaming rewards and earnings sent to them and received with ease.

Transparency is one of the most prominent features of Playtech. They understand that Casino games involve the players’ money and they take it as something important. Playtech makes information and statistics that may influence the players’ decisions available upon request. They also have a customer care representative structure that provides speedy responses to questions.

3.    Rival

Even though this casino games software development company came relatively late into the industry, they have achieved an impressive level of popularity. If you are the type of casino gameplay that looks beyond the graphics and user interface and you check the creativity behind the games, then you would like Rival casino games. They are one of the few companies that are very intentional about their game’s storylines and how they can help improve the player’s experience.

When Rival Casino games software began in 2006, their objective was to make games that people want to play and they did just that. They currently have over 160 impressive games under their portfolio which are available in not less than 52 operators across the globe. Rival’s most popular games are their slot games which can be either 3-reel, progressive slots, or multi-line slots such as Evospin. They also have online video poker games, bingo, and sudoku.

They have the best rudimentary graphics in the industry which makes them the ideal casino for beginners. They also have a multi-language feature that allows you to pick one out of 11 other languages aside from English.

4.    Novomatic

Novomatic is one of the oldest casino games companies in the world. They have been in existence for over 35 years. Without a doubt, their longevity suggests the quality of their products and services. Initially, the company used to operate as a brick-and-mortar casino company but expanded online following the bubble.

Novomatic launched a no-download software that enables players to log in and enjoy their legendary casino games such as “ Book of Ra” whose storyline revolves around the hunting and collection of Egyptian artifacts. One of the features that are peculiar to Novomatic is that all the games they develop have the same characteristics. Like most other types of casino games software, Novomatic products include; their slots and table games.

The Novomatic payout structure is another feature that makes them stand out from the rest of the casino games software developers in the industry. All of their games have a wide range of payouts, but you can receive up to 100,000 pounds as a reward for playing Novomatic casino games. They also operate a cashback policy that makes life easier for the players.

5.    Betsoft

When it comes to cinematic feels and graphics Betsoft is miles ahead of every other casino games software development company. They use the 3D effect to help the player enjoy the casino gaming experience even more and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Also, outside the regular options of games that are made available by casino games software companies, Betsoft have gone steps ahead and ventured into games like virtual horse racing games.

One of the downsides to playing games developed by Betsoft is that they are not downloadable from the websites where they can be played. What this does is make gaming difficult for players that do not have high-quality internet because that is required by their high graphics.

6.    Merkur

This casino games software development company is a subset of another company in Germany known as the Gauselmann group. Merkur as a company is very passionate about the content of its casino games and they are committed to giving the players the most thrilling and engrossing experience possible. For instance, if you are a big fan of Norse mythology, you will enjoy Merkur’s Slots games as this is what they are mostly based on.

This company with over 150 games is one of the most respected and reputable in the industry with decades of experience in the gaming business. Merkur takes the subject matter of security seriously and ensures that all of its games are tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International.

An area Merkur as a casino games development company might want to work on is the diversification of their games. The company seems to be slots-focused and this is not enough to satisfy their numerous customers.

7.    Netent

Netent which is the shortened form of NET entertainment is one of the few companies that was founded during the early days of the online casino industry. From a small company that was founded in 1996, NETent has grown to become one of the companies listed on the Swedish Stock exchange. They are one of the most futuristic casino games software development companies. They pioneered mobile gaming in the industry and now generate 40% of their revenue from it.

One of the things that make NETent casino games stand out is their high quality graphics and mobile interface. They are also very particular about responsible gaming and their games are structured in such a way that will prevent the player from burning money. Players can enjoy NETent games on tablets, ipads, and mobile phones.

Differences Between Casino Games Software

Casino games software differs on the basis of the individual strength and focus of the company. Companies that produce casino games sometimes focus on certain aspects of production which may vary from storylines to graphics and game types. Another way to differentiate between casino games software development companies is by checking if society is built to be mobile compatible. These are some of the standard distinguishing factors used currently in the industry.


As can be seen from the above, all of the different casino games software development companies have different strengths and weaknesses. This makes it difficult to categorically tell which one is the best. At the end of the day it all boils down to personal choice and preferences. Although, the Rival casino games software development company might take home the crown as the best.

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