Casino Apps: Best ranked casino apps for phones

Today smartphones are everywhere and there’s no denying that in a few short years we have went from a clam-shell phone to pretty much holding a little computer in our hands. The smartphone has changed everything about our society, from the way we communicate with each other to the way we entertain ourselves. Naturally, the online casinos wasted no time to catch up with this trend and offer their customers an easy way to connect to their favorite casino. Apps on smartphones are ubiquitous these days in any online casino that cares about their customers will offer an app for your phone. Of course, the question now is Which online casino and how good is their casino app. Today we will look at some of the best casinos and some of the easiest to use online casino apps for your smartphone or tablet. If you have ever wondered which online casinos have apps, this guide is exactly what you need. To make it easier (and faster) to choose, we have distilled it down to the top 5 casino apps, although all of the recommended casinos on our homepage have a mobile version, should you need more options.

Best Casino Apps:


Las Vegas USA App #1 Las Vegas USA Casino App for Android

When it comes to knocking it out of the park, no one does it better than the casino we have ranked best overall – LasVegasUSA. While many online casinos focus on mobile sites, this one actually delivers a fully-fledged Android application. You can download it directly from the casino’s website and depending on your Android phone’s settings, may have to give it permission to install first, but the process is very fast and easy, and the experience is worth it. Sadly, this casino app is only available for Android, but iOS users will get a capable mobile casino by playing directly at the website. As a matter of fact, Android users can also simply use the mobile version of the casino, instead of downloading the app, but we highly recommend you don’t cheat yourself of the better graphics, easier navigation and overall convenience of the casino app.

Not only is the casino furnishing their customers with a great Android app, but it offers quite the bonus at $3,000 free for mobile customers. All the popular games are available right on your Android phone via the app – slots, table games, live dealers and more. Enjoy the security and the quality of this casino app by visiting the official website linked above.


Bovada Mobile Casino #2 Bovada Casino Mobile Website

Bovada is not only one of the best online casinos, but has been focusing a lot of effort on delivering a great mobile experience for many years now. In fact, we can say that it was one of the early adopters of the mobile technology boom, always striving to offer a nice and easy way for people on phones and tables to connect to their favorite gambling website.

As one of the oldest casinos on the Internet, and certainly one with reputation extending literally in the past century, Bovada will mesmerize you with the sheer number of video slots, table games, live dealers and bonuses for their mobile platform. It also extends to encompass a sportsbook, race horse wagering and a popular poker room. And while the management opted out for creating apps to run on Android and iOS, the mobile website is of such high quality, you’d be hard press not to think you were using a custom app.


Red Stag Mobile Casino #3 Red Stag Mobile Casino

Another mobile casino where one can instantly tell that the company spared no expense and invested heavily to keep their mobile visitors happy. With more and more people forgoing the casino download in general and opting in for mobile or apps, it’s nice to see when the online casinos actually listen to their customers and meet their needs and wants (many other companies could learn a lesson here).

The integration of the casino and the mobile device is seamless, no quality or number of games have been sacrificed in order to offer the mobile casino.If you are fan of the Bitcoin casinos and want to take technology a step further (who needs a desktop these days, am I right?), we highly recommend Red Stag casino. The mobile website works great with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, all the functions you expect at the full download software are available, and extra bonuses for mobile users and Bitcoin depositors are offered. Overall, a top notch mobile casino.


SlotsPlus Casino App #4 Slots Plus Casino Android App

With the Slots Plus we are getting back on track and presenting yet another great casino app. The amazing welcome bonus this online casino is known for is now well-complimented by their app. And even though the casino app only works with Android for now, if you are on that platform – make sure to download it from their website and give it a test drive.

While mobile websites could be good, if the companies actually spent the money needed to integrate their mobile sites properly, as is the case with the casinos mentioned earlier, it’s hard to beat an actual casino app. The convenience, the speed and ease, just tap on an icon and start playing anywhere, anytime – it’s not easy competing with that. Easy to use, secure and stable, what else do we need to say about the Slots Plus casino app?


SlotoCash Mobile App #5 SlotoCash Casino Mobile Website

Admittedly, we are big fans of the SlotoCash casino, although we are not all that impressed by the mobile website. The lobby looks very nice and app-like, but the navigation leaves something to be desired. As far as we known, the famous slots-oriented online casino is working on an actual casino app (for Android phones and tablets) and we are excited to see it when it’s available. There is a lot of potential with the mobile site and if those visuals are a clue to what the app would look like, it will be rather nice.

The actual game-play at the mobile casino is not bad at all. If the archaic looking navigation between the sections of the casinos is improved, we’d have a very modern looking mobile website, no question. But the bonuses, promotions and selection of games are so expansive, we just had to include SlotoCash here, albeit at the last spot on our list of top 5 casino apps and mobile sites.


As you can tell by some of the offering here, the online casinos have gone a long way from their roots over two decades ago. One would think that being tech-based companies, it’s not really a surprise that the casinos are keeping up with the latest trends and people’s behavior, but as anyone who has used the Internet for more than an hour knows – reality doesn’t necessarily always meets expectations. We are happy to see more and more casinos building their apps or designing their mobile websites in a way that is convenient for their customers to use, without sacrificing the entertainment aspect. Nearly every gambling website today offers a mobile version of their product and while the sample above represents the top 5 casino apps, don’t forget that you can find even more on our home page.

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