Minimum deposit $10 and $20 online casino: Low deposit USA casinos (2023)

Let’s face it, most of us don’t roll in on a private jet at the Vegas casinos and blow away millions at the blackjack tables. We wish we did, but the majority of folks are somewhat of penny-pinchers when it comes to gambling, just like us. And the reality is that you don’t have to deposit large amounts of money to both have some fun and take advantage of the bonuses the online casinos offer.

In this section, we are ranking the best casinos with low minimum deposit in the $10 to $20 range. For those of you on a really tight budged, check out our popular list of $5 deposit casinos , for even lower “entry fees” to casino gambling.

Best $10 and $20 minimum deposit casinos online

While the $5 min casinos are far and few in between, the majority of the top online casinos usually have set minimum deposit limits in the $10 to $20 range. While the $20 deposit casino websites are much more common, there are quite a few that will let you deposit as little as 10 dollars of real money in order to play as a real player. Further in our ranking of the $10 and $20 online casinos we talk about why a smaller min. deposit is not always a great thing, along with some other information that we find prudent to this topic, but for those of you who are itching to just see the ranking and then go play, here is our list of the top $10-$20 deposit online casinos:

RankCasino$10 or $20 Minimum DepositWebsite
1.Miami Club Casino$20Play
2.Bovada$10 with crypto
$20 with credit card
3.Rich Palms Casino$10Play
4.Vegas Casino Online$10 with cryptoPlay
5.Red Stag$20Play
6.Cocoa Casino$20Play
7.Lucky Tiger$10Play

Information related to the low deposit ($20 or $10 minimum) casinos you may find useful

As we already touched upon, finding a good online casino which accepts low real money deposits could be a nice way to wet your feet with online gambling, or to simply play a bit on a very tight budget. However, looking for a casino with such low deposit requirements is not the only way you can play for real money, while not having to spend a lot of your own in the process.

Consider the no deposit bonus offers

There could be a better way to play casino games without having to spend a lot or even any money at all. Some of the really good online casinos often offer their existing (and even new) customers no deposit bonus codes. Those could be redeemed by the player, usually to play video slots. The best part is – the casino customers can actually cash out real money from those bonuses. Yea, we realize that to some inexperienced online casino players this may sound too good to be true, but we assure you that the reputable casinos stand 100% behind these offers and will indeed pay out real cash when the player wins with the no-deposit codes.

You can see the latest no deposit codes available from the quality casinos on our dedicated bonus page. And if you want to read even more on this topic, check out our free casino games guide to see how playing slots for free and winning real money actually works (along with some actual free games). So in reality, looking for $20 deposit casinos is not the only way to play fun casino games with the option to cash out real dollars.

Maximize the welcome bonus with your deposit

Another important pitfall we feel obligated to point out is that, by choosing a very low amount as your first deposit at an online casino, it severely limits the amount of free money you can get when using the “Welcome Bonus”.

Every online casino (even the bad ones) have a new customer bonus, i.e. a match bonus on your first deposit made at the casino, which is often the largest one-time deposit offer you would ever get at that casino. If you look at our casino bonus ranking, you will see that some online casinos go downright crazy with the amount of money they will give you as a first-time customer. Getting 4 or 5 times your deposit in free bonus money is not unheard of, with some of the casinos willing to give you as much as $10,000 as a bonus.

Knowing this, one should be aware that if you deposit a very small amount, such as $10 or $20, you won’t be able to get as much free money in your bankroll to start playing with. So while you plans may be to go as low as possible on the deposit amount, make sure you are considering the ramification as related to the first deposit you make at a casino. Naturally, consequent deposits at the same casino will also have some form of a bonus associated with them, albeit at a smaller ratio of deposit-to-bonus, so you won’t be missing much in the free casino money department. Of course, it goes without saying, that if you only have $20 available to spend on fun stuff like gambling, you should absolutely stick to your budget!


Some of the most popular questions we get on this topic (and the answers we give) are as follows:

Are there $20 minimum deposit casinos?

Absolutely! A large number of online casinos have the $20 mark set as their minimum threshold for a customer deposit. As you can see from the list at the top of the page, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Is the payment method important or can I make $20 deposit regardless of how I pay?

This is an excellent question and we wish more people asked it. The answer is: yes. Sometimes the casinos will set the minimum deposit amount higher than $20 depending on the payment method you choose to fund your player’s account. For example, the casino may have a $20 min. deposit with Bitcoin, but $25 if you are using a credit card. You can always see those differences in funding limits on the casino’s cashier (or “banking”) page.

Will I get the bonus if I deposit the minimum amount allowed by the casino?

The general answer is yes. The more detailed answer is that it would depend on which bonus you have in mind. For example, depositing the min. $20 at a casino with such low limit will absolutely give you the welcome bonus, along with most of the existing-customer bonuses available at the online casino.That said, sometimes the casino may run special promotions, which could require a higher deposit amount in order to qualify for them. For instance, the casino may email you with a bonus offer giving you $200 when you deposit $50. Obviously, in such cases one must deposit the exact amount specified in the offer, rather than the minimum allowed by the casino.

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