Why many online casinos offer the same games?

If you have played at the online casinos for a while, or you have done some research in order to find a good casino, undoubtedly you have come across two (or more) different casinos offering the same games. And by games we mean video slots; after all, all casinos offer the same types of games: blackjack, slots, roulette, etc. You may have seen a specific video slots machine at one casino, then the exact same one at three or four other online casinos. So it’s only natural to ask yourself – what gives? Is this some sort of cheating, are those casinos rogue, what’s the deal with many online casinos offering the same video slots or other casino games?!?

Why different casinos, but the same casino games

First of all, rest assured, this is completely normal, nothing suspicious about different casinos offering the same games. Basically, the reason different casinos offer the same games is because of the software developer they work with. Many people don’t realize that the online casinos themselves don’t create and develop the many casino games they offer, instead they buy/rent the whole software suit (all casino games) offered by a particular software developer specializing in online gambling.

And this is nothing new in the gambling world. If you have been to land-based casinos, such as those in Las Vegas, and you had the foresight to look at the labels of the slot machines at each of those casinos, you would have certainly noticed that they are all made by pretty much the same companies. There are only a handful of companies making slots machines for use at the land-based casinos , thusly you can pretty much play the exact same video slots at a casino on one side of the country and the other, alike. This is even more obvious with themed slot machines, for example, you can play a “Wheel of Fortune” slot in Vegas, then fly to Detroit and play the same one there.

Well, the same could be said about the online casinos. Developing software for casino games is no cheap and easy enterprise. Besides making the slots appealing, you have to contend with many other factors – program the logic, make them cheat-proof, develop them to be safe and secure, ensure proper payouts, etc. The same way the land-based casinos don’t have a slots machine factory in the back forty of the casino property, the online casinos also outsource the games to third parties. As such, there is a small number of casino software developers the online gambling websites could use, so it’s not surprising that the same exact games appear at multiple casinos. Simply put, those casinos contract with the same software developer.

So is so many casinos offer the exact same games, how do you choose where to play, and does it even matter? The answer to these questions are similar to the decision process you would use for a land-based casino: why would you go to one over the other? It all comes down to the service – maybe one casino offers free drinks, better promotions, a host stops by to great you by name, or even their own gas station with cheap fuel.

The online casinos compete more on service than on the games alone. Good welcome bonus, regular promotions and reups, attentive and knowledgeable customer service, timely payouts of your winnings, all of those play a role in customers choosing one online casino over another. So sure, two online casinos may offer the same games, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the same. Or you can think of it as buying a car – there are multiple dealerships offering the same exact vehicle, but you ultimately would chose one over the other. And with time, even a slightly cheaper price at one dealer wouldn’t be enough to win you over from the great service you get from another.

So if you see many online casinos offering the same games, don’t be alarmed or concerned, look at it as a benefit. One of the biggest decision factors (the games) has been made, giving you more time to focus on others: which have a solid reputation, where are the best bonuses, what banking methods are available. With the software developers regularly coming out with new amazing games, there will be plenty to choose from in that department and you would rarely feel bored at any of the top online casinos, same games or not.

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