What casino games can you win real money?

A question often heard from people looking to maximize their winning potential at the online casinos is what casino games can you play to win real money. Today we will quickly tackle this topic for those of you looking for answers. First, however, we should draw your attention to something that may seem obvious, but quite a few people actually don’t realize, namely, you have to be playing for real money at the casino. Every online casino today offers potential customers (and even current customers) the opportunity to play nearly all the games for free (except, of course, those with progressive jackpots). Prospective customers get the chance to try out the various games available at the casino, while current customers can simply play for free, if gambling is not in the budget at the moment. The potential issue here is that while the casinos tend to warn people when they play for real money, they sometimes fail to do the opposite – warn you that you are playing with the “fake” casino chips. Trust us when we tell you how heartbreaking it is to amass a large winning streak only to find out that you have been playing for fun, rather than for real money (we know of a person that did that). So always double check either way – make sure you are playing with the right type of casino chip.

Now that we took care of that small caveat, let’s look at what casino games can you win real money, when playing at the online casinos. The information is not really hard to come by, it just takes some time to collect, other than that – it’s rather straightforward. All casinos love to boast about their winners and are more than happy to post when people win at their gambling properties. Naturally, only the first name and last initial is published by the casino, as far as personal information is concerned, but the facts are easily verifiable. Some casinos list their winners in real time, while others post the daily/weekly winners, but regardless of the methodology, you are guaranteed to see your own name and last initial when you win at those casinos. Obviously they don’t try to, nor do they have any incentive to be lying to you. So, based on this data, here are your best choices of casino games to win real money:

Multi-line bonus video slots (themed)

These are by far the best casino games to win real money, no question. And this applies both to the online and the regular casinos. The themed slot machines with five or more reels are the best choice for winning money, especially so when they offer a multi-bonus to boost. These are also the most fun to play, thus more people play them, which equals higher payouts overall. Not only do you have a better opportunity to land a winning combination, when playing these types of casino games, but the payout table is quite generous towards the play, as compared to some of the more traditional games. And if you’d spend some time watching the “winners ticker” at those online casinos which offer it, you will quickly see the pattern – most of the winners are playing this type of slots games. One example of such video slot machine is Hairway To Heaven, where you get multi-bonus options, expanding wilds, etc. And depending on the deals with the movie studios the casinos can land, the movie-themed video slots are the looses casino games there are, so check with your favorite casino to see which ones they offer.


The king of casino games takes its rightful place among the games with the best chance to win real money. Blackjack has long been among the games with the lowest house percentage and when you consider how easy the rules are – no wonder that the blackjack tables are always full. The same transfers to the online casinos, since the game is still following the same rules and played with the same cards. Unlike video slots, where the payout percentage can be manipulated, blackjack payouts remain uniform regardless of the actual media. So if you are into table games, this is the one where you can win real money.

Progressive Slots

While not often the best for regular-play winnings, when you win, you win big! To improve your chances for a progressive jackpot win, look for the smaller progressive jackpots (they are won much more often than the large ones), as well as those progressive jackpots that must hit by a certain amount. With the latter, bidding your time to play is the best strategy. We personally know of a person who won a five-figure progressive jackpot with his first deposit at an online casino. not the earth-shattering multi-million dollar jackpots one may hear being won a few times a year, but comes to show you that those smaller progressive slots are a gem often overlooked.

Final Thoughts

The casino games above offer the best chance of winning real money, but let’s briefly touch up on the opposite. There are some games that offer the worst payout percentages and a few of them are actually quite boring to boost. One example is the three-reel one-line slots. If there was an award for the most boring casino game, the so-called one-arm bandits would wipe it clean. Awful payout tables, not much action, and lack of bonus features are only some of the reasons one should stay clear from those monstrosities. The virtual scratch cards some online casinos offer are also games with little to no chance of winning, along with some of the more unconventional table games. All in all, if you stick to the three casino game categories noted earlier, you stand the best chance of winning real money at the casinos.

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