Specialty casino games explained: keno, lotto, bingo and more

Not all online casino games are what you think of when you imagine a casino. Typically, when people think of casino games they think of Poker or Blackjack. However, there are actually numerous specialty casino games that are easy to play and can bring in some extra cash.


Specialty games usually include games of pure chance and are adapted to be played completely online. They can also include arcade games and virtual sports games that you can bet on. Online casinos have made these specialty games more widely available so that a larger audience can connect and engage with online casino content.


Specialty games can be Bingo, Keno, scratch-offs, Wheel of Fortune, and many more. Let’s review how you can start playing them as well as all the games available to you through these online casino websites.


These are great for you when you need a break from the more complicated and time-consuming games at the online casino. These specialty games can give your mind a break and make you some money.


Scratch Off Cards


These will be exactly what you buy from the gas station or the local convenience store, but all virtually. Most players buy a few of these as they wait for other players to play their hand in a game of poker they are keeping up with.


Most gamblers use these as additional betting options, not as the main ones or the only ones that they use.




Sudoku is a beloved game that people play on long car rides or in their free time after work. It is a great brain activity that can now be played virtually instead of with a pencil and paper. Usually, these games virtually do not have pay lines, but instead matching symbols pay in any position as long as they are in groups of three or more.


Since the gameplay is pretty different, some dedicated traditional Sudoku players do not like this online version. However, if you avoid the paper version of Sudoku, the differences could really make you enjoy the game and appeal to you.


The design of the game is very engaging and the payout rates can very high.

Arcade Games


Everyone has their favorite arcade game. Now you can play from the comfort of your home instead of trying to find an arcade that still has the original old-school games. Now your favorite 80s game can be found online.


The most popular casino games include Max Damage and the Alien Attack from Microgaming. The online version looks like the classic arcade machine and has many of the same features. This familiarity can make the game really enjoyable to play.


Wheel of Fortune


Many people bet on the outcome of this game in order to make some extra wages and money to spend at other casino games. People can still strategize using this game, so it is not just pure luck. Although, you will need some luck to win.


If you enjoy watching the Wheel of Fortune, you will probably really like playing it as well. The wagering requirement is really small but the prizes are huge.




The operators and dealers during lotto games aim to have a large number of winners. This means they offer many betting options. This will allow the game to be much more entertaining so that people will continue to play.


Lotto draws usually happen every few minutes which means you could have your prize almost as soon as you bet. The draws can be viewed in live time at live casinos which can be just as exciting as watching the real thing.




Of course, this is a game that is mostly luck. You play it the same way you would play bingo at school or a country club. It is one of the top-rated specialty games on casino websites because it is easy to play and can make you some additional winnings.


You will be given a ticket with numbers on it. A caller will draw random numbered balls and the first player to get all the numbers is the winner. You can play with a pool of players or by yourself. Some casinos even let you pick preferred numbers instead of getting a ticket with all random ones.


If you play alone, you can play at your own pace and still claim huge prizes. Online casinos often have themed bingo which makes the game very exciting and even more fun to play.


Bingo is extremely easy to learn and does not take too much brainpower, so you can even play when you are tired and need a long break.




Keno has the largest payout rate by far. If you want some additional money, Keno could be a great specialty game to play in between games of Blackjack. In the standard version, a player can select up to 10 numbers which usually award 10,000 times the bet if all numbers are matched. 20 random numbers are usually selected.


The game can be very similar to playing the lotteries. The game is very easy to play and straightforward as all you do is pick about ten numbers. You can receive prizes based on the numbers you have that match, so you do not need to completely win to get a small prize.


This game is relaxing as after you pick your ten numbers, you can sit back and watch the random numbers as they are selected. Check the payout rates before you choose a casino since some have much higher rates than normal.


Do not always pick your lucky numbers as sometimes it is better to just choose numbers at random. You can always play Keno at your own pace which is less stressful than many other online casino games.


Key Takeaways


Specialty games are fantastic for making extra earnings and having easy fun at these online casinos. They are highly recommended because they are affordable to bet on and usually the prizes are given out quickly with high payout rates.

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