Playing at the online casino with real money vs. just for fun

The online casino market has, over the years, witnessed a consistent growth since the early days when casinos offered little more than portals to place basic wagers. In 1996, the first online casino came to life and provided plays the opportunity to play 18 games. Since then, the industry has expanded rapidly, and today, there are myriads of reputable places where you can play casinos online.

The advent of smartphones and their versatility, both to casinos and consumers, has resulted in the casino industry raking in over $46 billion per year from 2016. This tells us that the industry has doubled in size since 2009.

While most associate casinos offer real money gameplay, many gaming websites provide the option of playing for fun.

Here we will be looking at both forms of casino and a few of the pros and cons that pertain to each one of them:

Real Money Casinos

Real money casinos are casino websites that are essentially the online version of what you would typically see in Las Vegas. There are myriads of them scattered all through the internet. Here you play real money, which implies that the winning potential is available; however, there is also the potential for a colossal loss.

Here are the pros associated with real money online casinos:


You have the opportunity to win big.

When playing for real money, the winning potential is excellent sums of cash is readily available for you. For instance, a UK-based fisherman in 2013 took home winnings of over $6 million when he plays an online slot machine. There are other similar scenarios of other jackpot winners.

You experience convenience

The ability to enjoy your casino game from the comfort of your home is a big plus for online casinos. Thus, you would not need to spend any money on travel or accommodation, which translates to more money to spend on your gameplay.

Myriads of Offers

Due to the stiff competition in the online casino market, most of the real money casinos will have offers that you can make the most of, especially no deposit bonus codes. They may increase the odds of winning in a particular game or offer new players a certain amount to spend on games. If you are a pro player, you can take advantage of this and make some good money.


Potential to lose Big

If you are not careful, it is possible to lose all your money on a single game. Nevertheless, one way to avoid finding yourself in this dilemma is to stake what you’re willing to lose. That way, when you lose money, you wouldn’t feel the pain too much.

Security concerns

No doubt, online casino gambling is classified into the legal gray areas, and you ought to know that some laws regulate their operation in your state or country. Aside from this, there is relatively little regulation set in place, which implies the possibility of fraud or scams. One way to avoid this is to perform research before registering with any site and finding out from fellow players about their experience. In summary, the key is to find out as much as possible all you can.

Cashing out

There are sometimes that cashing isn’t going to be as smooth as expected. This is especially true for players in the United States. In some scenarios, the payout can take up to 24 hours or more to reflect in your bank account. In other cases, this isn’t a problem, but if you are in urgent need of cash, it can be not easy.

Fun casinos

One of the beautiful things about online casinos is that you could play several different games on free mode. Inadvertently, you could never attempt such in a land-based casino; thus, this free mode is also known as the demo play, fun play, or practice mode. Another beautiful thing is that you don’t have to become a member of this casino to participate in the free mode. However, the games that you would not find free gameplay are the progressive jackpot games.

It’s pretty much an apparent reality that you cannot win any significant prize with free mode play. However, when you are playing a real money game and running out of cash, the fun mode can become very handy.

It’s a fact that most casinos offer the kind of excitement and thrill that cannot be gotten anywhere else. The suspense of watching the ball on the roulette wheel and expecting it to drop where you want, or the buzz of playing a hand of poker against other players to find out if you can beat them is what attracts so many punters to casino websites.

Fun casinos offer players the opportunity of enjoying their favorite casino games without any form of commitment, and by that, we mean no money involved. Here we discuss the pros of playing in a fun casino.


You learn how to play.

Just before you start committing yourself to real money, you have to know and get acquainted with the rules of the games you play. In the past, the only way to make this happen was to go to a traditional casino to learn as you play, and this often resulted in losses. Today players have the liberty to learn without facing a real risk of parting with all their hard-earned cash.


No money risk involved

One of the excitements of casino games is often associated with the pain of loss. Thus this is where a lot of novice players begin to lose interest in casino games. However, a fun casino can help stimulate these thrills without you placing yourself in any form of financial risk; hence, you can play for as long as you want without always keeping tags on your money.


No money won

It’s a complete no-brainer that if you don’t place any bet with real money, you don’t get any money, even though the bet eventually pays off. That thrill you get from playing online casino games can be reduced because you won’t be receiving anything should the game succeed.

A potential gateway

The access you get from fun casinos is relatively free, with very few age constrictions. However, even the ones that have them are not that difficult to get access to. This means that this may lead to young people developing knowledge of gambling before they are even ready. Stats on Psych central, which has been covering psychiatric conditions for over two decades, suggest that 2 percent of teens are somewhat addicted to gambling. Some might come across free sites as a way for them to familiarize themselves with gambling before they start playing for real money.


Although playing for fun in casinos might present you with less risk and still offer you the benefits of learning while you play. But it even cannot take the place of playing for real money. While playing for real cash posses its own risk, it has so many benefits. The reality is that, whichever strategy works for you, you can implement it. But the idea is to be moderate.

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