Online Casino Rewards Programs-Another Way to Play for Free

Online loyalty programs to online casinos work in a very similar way to a loyalty membership you may have to a local restaurant or store. Traditional casinos do not offer rewards programs quite as often, which is part of the reason that online casinos are growing in popularity every day.

It is also a great way for online casinos to create returning customers and to ensure that customers do not move on to another online casino.

What exactly are casino loyalty programs?

Most programs are point-based. So, every time you play a game, you collect a certain amount of loyalty points. Once you reach a certain point level, your membership status will increase which in turn offers you more promotions and more bonuses to use.

Every casino has its own policy. For example, many online casinos will offer more points for playing casino games as opposed to slot games for example. This differs from casino to casino, but it should always be stated in their terms and conditions.

For casinos that do not have a tiered loyalty system, they will usually allow you to use your points for bonus cash offers or other perks. Other loyalty programs will allow you to complete certain missions or activities to let you access the points and benefits.

The perks of loyalty programs

The perks for loyalty programs are endless. Some casinos offer more than others, but almost all give you bonuses and more ways to play for free. You will often get exclusive prizes, sports tickets, or a new gadget.

They may also offer birthday bonuses, cashback offers, personal account managers, boosted deposit bonuses, faster withdrawals, higher withdrawal and deposit limits, and many other advantages.

What about VIP clubs?

For some casinos, these are the same, but usually, they are different. Active players on the site usually have a better chance of getting a VIP invitation. VIP invitations are of course invite-only and are usually for people who spend a massive amount of money at the online casino.

Loyalty programs on the other hand are accessible to everyone. You can simply sign up, start playing, and earn points.

How do I become part of a loyalty program?

All loyalty programs require an active account on the online casino’s website. Some may even offer a welcome package. It is recommended that you compare a few welcome packages before choosing one. Some casinos offer much more generous welcome packages than others.

The welcome package will also allow you to gauge how the casino treats members and how their loyalty program actually works. The welcome bonus should usually include bonus spins, deposit match bonuses, and an upfront number of loyalty points.

If you do not want the welcome package, you can still join the online casino and create a loyalty membership.

What should I make sure my loyalty program includes?

Each program is different but some perks absolutely need to be included in your package to ensure that you are getting the most out of the program.

The loyalty program is free

A good program is free to join and should not require any money upfront.

Redeemable points

After you reach a specific number of points, you should be able to redeem them for real money. Keep in mind that wagering requirements might need to be met. The number of points will also depend on the games you play and the original amount that you wagered.

Tiered programs

Not every program has this, but tiered programs are the best. This will allow you to move up levels in the system and earn more and more perks as you gain traction. Your rewards should always substantially grow the more you play and the more money you wager.

The casinos with the best loyalty programs

Let’s go through which casinos have the best programs and what makes them the best options for playing for free and earning the most amount of rewards.

SlotoCash VIP


You are automatically a member of the program when you make your account on the casino’s website. They have three different levels called the Golden Rewards Club, the VIP Rewards Club, and the VIP Elite club.

The SlotoCash Rewards clubs include daily, weekly, and monthly bonus offers. It is for all members who have 0-4,999 points. They also offer birthday bonuses, leaderboard giveaways, and 24/7 customer support.

The VIP Rewards Clubs start once you have more than 5000 points. You will receive faster payouts, weekly cashback, and exclusive promotions.

The VIP Elite Club is invitation only and the highest level. You will get exclusive invitations to events and tournaments, enhanced promotional offers, luxury gifts, and personal VIP hosts.

Lucky Tiger Casino


The Casino Joy club also features tiered memberships. The promotions and perks increase as you reach new levels. You will enjoy dedicated account managers, personalized payout services, exclusive promos, VIP events, prize draws, and even vacation packages.

Bovada Casino


This is famously known as one of the best rewards programs. The benefits include exclusive tailor-made bonuses and promotions, faster payouts, dedicated VIP hosts, gifts, bonuses, freebies, incentives, and higher withdrawal limits.

This program does, however, require frequent logins, deposits, and big wagers. All members will receive faster payouts, personal VIP managers, birthday gifts, monthly cashback, free spins, welcome offers, and much more.

How to choose a loyalty program

Choose the program with as many of the perks listed above. Read reviews from peers as people will be honest about their experiences and how they view the program. Some programs are much more player-friendly than others.

Some online casinos also share a common loyalty program. This means you can use your points and membership at several different casinos. For example, the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program has 29 member casinos. Use your points interchangeably at any of them.

If you choose a program that does not have levels, ensure that they still have complimentary points that can be redeemed for bonus cash or free spins.

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