Will the online casino pay me?

or Do the online casinos pay?

One of the questions potential online casino customers ask themselves right at the beginning is “Will the online casino pay me?”. We completely understand how many people could be skeptical at first when they encounter the world of the online casinos and gambling. For many it may appear as if the online casinos are more like a fun game and not really involving real money and yes, they could be that, as well, but more on this a bit later. Other are simply concerned with the reputation of the casino and are wondering if that particular online casino would pay its customers. Yet another group may be apprehensive with the whole internet gambling “thing”. No matter the reason of you asking if the online casino pays, we will answer right here and set the record straight.

First and foremost, yes, the online casinos do pay their winning customers, you should always regard the online casinos as you would a traditional casino – all money transactions are real (unless you opt for the play money version) and therefore you should exercise the same level of caution you would at your local casino, including but not limited to money management, beware of signs of addiction, set your limits, etc. Just as certain as the casino will pay you your winnings, even more certain is that they will take real money for your losses, so be careful when gambling, no matter if online or offline.

And while the online casinos are a business like any other, they rely much more on reputation to build their customer base. Review and informational websites like ours wouldn’t dare recommending a casino that did not pay its customers, which brings us to our next point: While the good online casinos will always pay (and pay on time, to boost), the bad casinos will NOT pay you anything. Yes, there are just as many (maybe even more) bad online casinos that there are good ones. And one of the traits of rogue internet casinos is not paying the players. While all of the best casinos are licensed and regulated, the freedom of the Internet itself gives criminals and rogues the ability to create casinos, attract players and then simply rob the of their money. Remember the reputation we mentioned earlier? Well, now is the time to underline it – reputation is everything and if a casino does not posses it – it should not be patronized in any case. If you want to find an online casino that pays its customers, simply see the list on our home page and read the casino reviews to make up your own mind which of the best ones you’d like to visit. But we highly discourage people from simply doing an internet search and selecting a casino simply on their own merit. You will be safe with our selection and will play at a casino that pays.

Finally, let’s talk about the free play casino option, as it’s the one case when the casinos don’t pay. Every online casino will give you two options – play for real money or play for free (with “fake” casino chips). If you chose to play for free, the casino will provide the player with a large amount of play-money. This is done so the potential customer can try out the games available without risking real money. Needless to say, if you choose this option and win – you won’t get paid anything, since you are not really playing with real money. If you want to get paid real money, you should risk real money, as well. Most people know this, but we figured we should mention this just in case a new player gets confused on the matter.

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