Most trusted online casinos for USA players

When it comes not only to the online casinos, but to the offshore gambling industry as a whole, trust ranks among the most important factors for longevity of the business. The online casinos live and die by the trust their customers have for their services – from honest casino games to timely payouts of the player’s winnings, the customer must know that the casino they’ve chosen is an honest one. Please, note that the ranking here presents the best of the trusted casinos, not the complete set. All the casinos we have listed on our home page are honest, but the list here thins it down to select the top 5 of them, based on many factors, not just trustworthiness. Here are currently the best and most trusted online casinos for USA players:

CasinoSignup BonusUSA players
300% match bonusYes
400% welcome bonusYes

So why is trust so crucial to both enjoying an online casino, and honestly, running a casino? The first major capstone is the Internet itself. The fact that the casino operates online immediately raises questions of how trustworthy the enterprise is. Whit so many people suffering from choosing the wrong website to use a credit card, email or personal information,  only to find those compromised a week later, there is no surprise that people would be naturally cautious over whether to trust an online casino or not. Some of us firmly believe that the rise of popularity of a few of the now-gigantic shopping websites is in part of the safety people enjoy, just as luck as the prices or selection of products. So when the online casino manages to establish such trust, not just with current players, but with watchdog websites like ours, it immensely benefits their business.

Why should you choose to seek out the most trusted online casinos for USA players? On the surface, this question my sound a bit shallow – of course anyone would much rather patronize a trusted online casino, rather than a shady one. But the question then becomes – what constitutes a trusted casino and who decides?

A trusted casino online should be an entity that the players feel confident visiting and enjoying their services. It should be a casino with a very long history and no complaints from the customers, especially when it comes to paying out winnings. The latter part is where the casinos usually drop the ball, coming up with all kinds of excuses for paying late or not paying at all in the worse cases. And there is nothing more frustrating for the player than jumping out through millions of hoops to get their money, when the casino had no problems taking their deposit really fast. Thus knowing which casinos can be trusted makes this hobby many times more enjoyable.

The truth is, there are more rogue online casinos out there than there are trusted ones. It’s a competitive business and many of the casinos decide to take shortcuts in taking care of their customers. The result is the current state of online gambling – very few trusted casinos, a lot of gambling websites you should never patronize. Casino review websites, like ours, are currently the best gauge for the player to find an honest and reliable Internet entertainment venue. We keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, ranking the casinos, and, of course, presenting our findings to our visitors.

And why are USA players specifically referenced, don’t players all over the world prefer quality casino websites over the countless rogue gambling sites? Absolutely, however the legalization of online gambling has just begun in the U.S., and only a few states currently have regulated gambling websites. Meanwhile, a lot of countries throughout the world have already regulated this market, making it easier for people a much easier time finding a trusted online casino. That’s why it remains a though proposition for USA players to find honest and trusted online casinos. So if you live in America, being careful when looking for a good casino website is extremely important.

Can you trust an online casino?
As we noted earlier, there are trusted online casinos and there are those that shouldn’t be touched with a 10-foot poll. So the general answer is “yes”, but you have to be very careful at which online casino you select to play. As long as you are enjoying the casino games at one of the websites listed on this page, you could trust that the casino will make every effort to treat you like a real customer, rather than just a wallet with a name.
Can you trust the casinos with your payment information (e.g. credit card)?
You should feel safe about your payment information with the casino about as much as any online shopping website. While the good casinos would never consider misusing your personal information, oftentimes they use third-party processors for their cashier needs, and those companies could be breached by bad actors, for example. This is the most common way people get their credit cards compromised online, regardless of where on the Internet they choose to spend their money. Therefore we always recommend that people use a designated credit card just for online purchases and never use their debit card on the internet. Even the most trusted websites fall victim to thieves, so better safe than sorry!

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