Legit Online Casinos: Are the casinos on the internet legit?

One of the most frequently asked question is undoubtedly the legitimacy of the online casinos. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked if the online casinos are legit, or whether they are part of the vast universe of internet scams and fake companies. In general, this question is easy to answer – yes, they are legit, but take this with a caveat. Just like anything else on the Internet – there are real companies which do honest business daily, and then there are the bad actors, which are in for the quick buck and will disappear faster than light. It’s not much different with gambling on the internet – there are casinos with solid reputation and then there are plenty of those which don’t like to pay winnings, find excuses not to, or simply cheat people of their money and run.

This is one of the biggest reasons why casino review websites like our exist today – to separate the wheat form the chaff. It’s much easier to focus on other casino features that may be important to you, such as bonus offers or variety of slots, and completely eliminate the possibility of ending up at one of the bad actors. Rest assured that the companies recommended here are 100% legit online casinos, that have been in the gambling business for at least a decade, most of them for even longer.

Sure, one may decide that they “don’t need no stinkin’ advice” and go about finding a casino by themselves. The issue at hand here is that with hundreds of casinos and gambling websites – how do you know which ones are legit and which are crooks? Unless you have been in the industry for many years, have seen gambling companies come and go, monitor which casinos are acting appropriately towards their customers – how do you discover the good ones?

Because one of the great thing about the internet is that anyone can publish anything. There is nothing stopping a dishonest company from claiming that they have been in operation for 20 years, when in fact the website came online just a month ago. Sure, industry watchdogs like us will immediately spot the deception, but such rogue casinos are counting on the thousands of people that decide to find a casino by themselves – and fall victim rather quickly. And in all honesty, even websites like ours cannot protect you from ending at a bad casino, unless you go with our recommendations only – there are so many gambling sites that are, at the very least, questionable, that it’s much easier to simply list the legit online casinos, rather than maintain a list of bad ones. It’s just impossible to warn people of such casinos, because they are so numerous and so fluid (come and go rather quickly), that the best solution to finding the truly legit online casinos is to simply take advantage of our recommendations and just stay away from anything that is not listed on our home page.

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