Legit online casinos that pay real money

In today’s crazy world, moving your gambling entertainment at the online casinos makes perfect sense. Whether you are trying to social distance, for health reasons or simply don’t want to waste your time in transit to and from the brick-and-mortar casinos, going online for some slots fun is probably a solid choice. What is not a wise choice is to try and find a legit online casino that pays real money all on your own. Some of you may have already realized that not all online casinos are legit. Just because you found it when doing a search, it doesn’t mean the casino will pay real money at all, not to mention the myriad of fraudsters out there, just trying to scam people. So in order to find both legit online casinos and casinos that pay real money, the wisest choice is to simply turn to our recommendations. We have a brief list here of top online casinos, just to get you started, but you can see our full list of legit online casinos on our home page.

Legit Casinos That Pay Real Money in USA

Top Legit CasinosWelcome BonusPay Real Money
Bovada Casino$3,000Yes
Las Vegas USA Casino$10,000Yes
Old Havana Casino$7,777Yes
Slots Plus Casino$10,000Yes
Vegas Casino Online$3,000Yes

Are these online casinos legit?

Absolutely. If you are looking for a reputable casino, any of those above would fit the bill perfectly. All of them have established an impeccable reputation over many years, over a decade for most of them, with a few being in business for over 20 years. These days it seems nearly impossible to stay in any kind of business for that long, so when you consider that these are internet casinos, you know they are doing things the right way. Not only are they legit, but they also represent the very best the world of online gambling has to offer. From knowledgeable and helpful customer service, through great customer relations, bonuses, promotions, payment methods, these top casinos embody what a legit online casino should epitomize. You can use this list as a jump-off point in your research, if you wish, or you can simply stop wasting time looking and start playing. Any of the casinos here are the very best and the most respected brands in the internet gambling industry.

Will these casinos pay real money?

Another resounding “yes”. It is not uncommon for people, who are new to online gambling, to be skeptical about the casinos actually paying real money. Over the years many people have been conditioned to believe that if it’s too good to be true, one should be instantly suspicious. But truth be told, the online casinos, at least the legit online casinos, are an exact representations of the land-based casinos. You can win money or you can lose money, it’s all down to luck. And just like the Vegas casinos, the online casino sites will also have the games work in their favor – blackjack still has the same house advantage, the slots have a payout percentage that would ensure the casino wins money in the long run, and so on. In this regard, the casinos will absolutely pay real money to their winning customers. It’s really not that complicated – the player makes a deposit using one of the many methods available, they play the games, when they win – they can cash out their winnings using various methods, such as check by mail, Bitcoin, bank wire, electronic wallet, etc. Of course, all of the online casinos also have an option to play with “play money”, i.e. fake chips. This is designed so the potential customer can try out the various casino games without any monetary risk. Need we say that when you chose that option you don’t risk any money, but you also don’t win any real money, either?

And, yes, with these casinos listed here, when you win, they will pay real money, no question about it. But don’t forget, when you lose, you will lose real money, as well. So in this regard, yes, the casinos pay real money, but do yourself a favor and engage them the same way you engage in gambling in the real world – only with money you are comfortable losing. You wouldn’t, we hope, buy a lottery ticket with your bills money, so employ the same approach at the online casinos.

You came to this page looking for legit online casinos that pay real money, and we believe we managed to satisfy your curiosity. The legitimacy of each casino here stems from their long-established and solid reputation. Even if you are new to gambling, you may recognize some of the names on the list, as they have been referenced over the years on many review portals, forums, blogs, etc. And as we underlined, when you chose to play for real money, you will also get paid real money. None of these online casinos would’ve stay in business for so many years if they cheated their customers and didn’t pay. We certainly woudn’t recommend them, because, what would be the point? So if you are looking for legit casinos paying real money, feels confident to select any of the casinos listed here. Or visit our home page for an even bigger selection of proper gambling websites with bonuses, reviews, ratings and more.

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