How to Play Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker

Texas hold’ em bonus poker is a game played with one deck of 52 playing cards. The purpose of the Texas Hold ’em bonus poker is to better the dealer with a 5-card poker hand. If you come out successful, then the dealer will have to pay you. However, the amount you will be paid will depend on the amount of your bet and the value of the hand you won with.

Interestingly you can also receive some payout for a losing hand if you play with one side of the bets. One of the most interesting facts about this game is building your bet as each new card is dealt with.

Nevertheless, these betting rounds are optional as you can choose to go ahead with your initial bet if you feel your dealt hand won’t succeed. Thus it’s only the live table game where you have to take a betting stance as each new card is dealt with.

You have to make a betting decision when each new card is dealt with only in the live table game. This is unique and will keep you glued to the game right up to the end.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker gives players two starting bets – the mandatory Ante Bet and the optional Bonus Bet. Let’s cover the fundamental rules of the game below.

Hole Cards: With the Ante Bet placement, a dealer and a player will obtain two Hole Cards each. Some cards can only be used by the person who dealt with them. Based on these two cards, the player will determine whether to put a Flop Bet twice the Ante Bet size, fold, finish the hand and surrender the Ante Bet.

Flop: If the Flop Bet is made, the Flop Bet will be dealt with. The Flop consists of three related Cards, each face up to the middle of the table. All players can use group Cards in conjunction with their Hole Cards. After seeing the Flop, the player can opt to put a Turn Bet equal to the Ante Bet or Review, preferring not to bet but to remain involved in the hand.

Turn: When a Turn Bet is made, the fourth Group Card is dealt face-up to the middle of the table. Again, the player has an option – make a River bet, equivalent to the Ante Bet, or search.

The River: The fifth and final Group Card will be dealt face-up on the table. The dealer and the player will each build the best possible 5-card hand out of the seven cards available. Wins the top-ranked side.


Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker – Payout Distribution.

If a player has got a good hand, whether higher or straight, they will be rewarded 1:1 on River Bet, Turn Bet, Flop Bet, and Ante Bet.

If a player has a good hand but is less good than the Straight one, the Ante Bet is a push, and all other bets are paid 1:1.

If the dealer has the best hand, all bets will be off to the dealer.

Both bets are a drive in a draw (stakes are returned to the player).

Video Performance

Live Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker is streamed to a player’s mobile device using some top-notch streaming technologies. This helps players to play the game in a high-quality live stream.

However, the consistency of the stream depends entirely on the internet access of the player. The greater the speed of the Internet player, the higher the quality of the stream.

Game features

Live Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker begins the moment a player makes an Ante bet. Just like other live poker variants of this type, the Blind bet is automatically placed. All of these bets have equal value. As in most live poker table games, the player is played against the dealer.

Like Evolution Gaming’s Live Ultimate Texas Hold ’em Poker, the Ante bet can be raised 3 or 4 times. When a player hasn’t raised till the 4th and 5th cards are played, they’ll have to fold. This means that the player will automatically forfeit the Ante and Blind bets.

The Ante pushes whether the dealer has no right hand. A hand that doesn’t count is less than a pair in Live Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker. If the dealer’s hand is eligible, the player has an opportunity to make a winning bet. Nevertheless, his side must be stronger than the dealers.

Bonus Bets

The bonus bet will be made after the Ante, and Blind bets are placed. If a player forms a Three of a Kind or better, they will receive a bonus bet. This result is regardless of the main game and the cards the dealer has.

In terms of the First Five Jackpot side bet, the player wants the Royal Flush to win. But the Royal Flush may not be the only winning hand. There are also other set rewards for earning lower-level hands.

Know when to check in Texas Hold ’em Bonus

Understanding when to fold Texas Hold ’em Bonus is simple; although it’s tougher to say when to check it out. When you play a casino, you’ll find that almost everyone else is going to raise their bet no matter what they have in their hand. That’s just stupid. Checking your site is a perfect way to save you money if the Flop or the Turn does not work for you.

You can never lift your hand until you have a handmade that is at least a pair unless you are on a draw with more than a 50 percent chance of reaching it. There are just a few variations, such as whether you have an Ace-Queen or an Ace-King; then a rainbow flop will be okay to bet on. Rising instead of testing whether you have less than a 50 percent chance of winning your hand is a negative value bet which can be avoided wherever possible.

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