How to claim the online casino bonus: The complete guide

There is no question about it – the many free bonuses, codes, promotions and offers by the online casinos are great. After all, where else would you get to triple, quadruple and even get absolutely free money to play your favorite casino games?! Certainly the traditional casinos hard even come close to matching the bonus power their online competitors wield, which is why even in states where the local land-based casinos are allowed to offer internet gambling – the online casinos remain much more popular.

Not surprisingly, however, the real question for many people is how do you actually get to claim all these bonuses advertised by the casino websites? Many players, especially those who try their luck at the online casinos for the first time, are asking themselves: “Sure, I love all these casino bonuses I see, but what do I actually have to do to claim them?”. Absolutely a legitimate question; the Internet is a fickle mistress, it makes a lot of things so much easier for us, yet some aspects could be unintentionally more complicated than they should, hot to claim a casino bonus being one of them. Today we will dispel this mystery and show you the steps one can take to claim a bonus code.

The first point we should make is that there are a few different bonus options. They may not all be available at a single casino, but since one doesn’t really know which ones would be encountered at a particular casino – and in this guide we will cover them all, just to err on the side of completion. You can scroll down and see which types apply to your casino of choice, and take it from there.

Automatic Bonuses

These are by far the easiest type of casino bonus offers. As the title suggests, they are added to your account automatically, usually when you make a deposit. They don’t require any codes or any steps in order to cash in the promotion. In other words, there is nothing you should do to claim these bonuses – they will be automatically added to your bankroll. While these were initially the most popular bonuses with the online casinos, with time, as the casinos began offering much larger array of bonus options, most companies moved away from this form of bonus and opted instead to give the player the choice of selecting an offer. Some casinos may still offer an automatic bonus when you make your deposit, most often the first time you fund your account, so keep an eye on those.

Deposit Bonus (match) and Free Bonus Code (no deposit)

Both the free casino bonuses and the deposit-match bonuses can be claimed in a similar fashion. Whether you are trying to claim a no deposit bonus (if it’s offered by your chosen casino) or the many deposit-related bonuses every online casino offered these days, the procedure of how to claim them will be similar. Here are the steps one should take to claim these bonuses:

    • Determine if a bonus code is required. If an actual code is required – it will be shown along with the promotion. If there is no code noted, of it the offer states something in the lines of “no code needed” – skip the next step.
    • Note the bonus code for the particular offer (you can see examples on our latest no deposit bonus code page here, and even claim them for some free play today). Copy the actual bonus code cited.
    • Log in to your casino account. You can do this either on your computer’s casino software, in your browser, or on your mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.).
    • Visit the cashier section of the casino. This section will be either called “Cashier”, “Banking” or simply “Deposit”.
    • When you get to the Cashier, there will be a link (or a button) which you can follow to the bonus redemption page. This could be named in various ways, things like “Claim Bonus”, “Redeem Coupon”, or even something as simple as “Bonus” are all possible. Since we don’t know which casino our readers would’ve chosen or their native language, we cannot predict the exact wording. But the casinos always try to make it easy for the player to claim a bonus, so a bit of common sense is all it takes to find the spot to claim the bonus.
    • At this point, if the bonus requires a code in order to claim – you will have to paste the code you copied earlier and then claim it, usually by clicking on the “Claim” or “Apply” button right below the box to paste the code.
    • Alternatively, if the bonus offer doesn’t require a code, most likely a list of available bonuses would be displayed to the player. This list will vary not only from casino to casino, but also from player to player, since many of the bonuses are customized for a particular player. In that case, you can simply claim the bonus that is the most attractive to you.
    • Once you have claimed the bonus, if it was a free, i.e. “no deposit” bonus code – then the bonus amount will be automatically added to your bankroll and you can begin playing your favorite games.
    • If the bonus is a match to a deposit, at this point you will have to go back to the deposit section of the Cashier and make your deposit. Once this is done – both the money you deposited and the bonus you’ve claimed will be added to your available funds.

A you can see, there are a few steps that must be taken to claim a bonus at most online casinos, but overall – nothing too complicated. It may be a bit confusing the first time you encounter a bonus offer, especially if a code is needed to claim it, but once you’ve done it – it becomes a piece of cake.

There are a few other types of casino bonuses which are a bit more intricate in nature, or are simply a less-common type of bonus, so let’s take a look at those right now:

Claiming sequential bonuses

While this is not really a separate category of casino bonuses, how you claim a sequential bonus offer is really important in order to be able to take full advantage of the free money the casino is offering. A sequential bonus is an offer which is advertised as a single bonus, but it actually consists of series of bonuses, and those bonuses must be claimed in the correct order. Here is an example of this type of bonus offered by the popular online casino SlotoCash:

Sequential Bonus Example

In this example, the casino is advertising $7,777 as a welcome bonus, but it comes in the form of five different offers, with separate bonus codes for each. By now you should know how to claim the bonus codes, but what’s important to note here is that these bonuses must be taken in the order they are shown. So, for example, a player cannot claim the 177% match bonus, unless all other offers have already been claimed. And this example also serves as the perfect segway to another “oddity” one might encounter:

Claiming game-specific bonuses

As you can see from the image above, the casino also offers free spins as a bonus. But those free spins are only available on certain casino games, in this case – video slots. A lot of no deposit bonus codes are also specific to certain video slots only, i.e. you won’t be able to use the free money from the bonus to play any game other than the one indicated on the bonus offer. As far as the actual steps to claim the game-specific bonuses – they are as simple as claiming the specified bonus code outlined earlier in this guide. Just keep in mind that depending on the casino – sometimes if the bonus is tied to a specific video slot machine, the money won’t show up in your bankroll (i.e. your wallet) unless you actually load that specific video slot.

How to claim Comp Points and Rewards

While not a bonus in the traditional sense, the comp point and rewards are indeed free money offered by the casino and will also need to be claimed in order to become available to play. The comp points (and/or rewards) are accumulated continuously as you play the casino games and then can be claimed for real money. You will have the option to do exactly that in the cashier’s section of the casino, although the sub-menu will most likely be different than the usual bonus offers, so you will have to go to the comp points sub-section. Once there, you can choose the amount of comp points you’d like to convert and do so instantly. If the comp points don’t appear to be available to claim in the cashier section, and alternative location is your main account tab.

In conclusion, while a lot of people are initially unsure of how to claim the online casino bonus, the actual procedure is very easy. And finding bonuses to claim is not that hard to begin with – every casino will give you a generous welcome bonus package, at the very least, and many will let you claim no-deposit bonuses, which can win real money. So don’t be intimidated – once you’ve gone through the process of claiming a bonus – it becomes clear that it’s not a complicated procedure by any means!

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