How to beat the casino

If you’ve every gambled even once in your lifetime, the question “How to beat the casino?” has popped up at least twice in your head already. Whether influenced by old Vegas movies, where card counters take the casino to the cleaners or because of the popularity of poker these days, everyone wants to know how they can beat the casino, whether online or offline. Here we will look at how to beat the casinos, specifically the online casinos, offering some advice and tips to improve your chances of winning when gambling on the internet.

For some weird reason, people have taken to saying “beat the casino” instead of the much more precise “beating the odds”. Apparently it’s sounds more glamorous to try and beat the casinos instead of having to deal with dry subject as odds of winning, which is mostly math and a bit of luck. First, lets begin with the fact that there is no such thing as “beating the casino”. The online casinos (and the land-based casinos, as well) have been designed with the infamous saying “the casino always win” as a base to build any internet casino. Of course, that doesn’t mean the you can’t win money. The payout percentage of the average online casino is well-above the 96% mark, meaning that the casino will pay out $96 from every $100 the players wager, much better than what the Vegas casinos offer. But you can’t beat the casino because the casino will, on average, always win $4 out of the $100! There are many people who have won millions playing casinos online (you can google the most current list of online casino millionaires), but in their case it’s all about luck. However, if you want to win some more normal-size amounts, there are a few things you can do to greatly improve your odds of winning, or in other words, how to beat the casino.

Increase your bankroll for free – yes, were are talking about the bonuses and other promotions the online casinos often run in order to attract customers. Sure, everyone knows that when you sign up at the casino and make your first deposit – the casino will in turn give you free money, often doubling your starting bankroll right away. But you can do much better than that, if you do some research (or simply compare the bonus offers on our home page). Here is a great example for you of how to use the bonus to beat the casino. Our current top-ranked online casino, Vegas Casino Online, is offering a 150% your deposit as a free bonus, up to $3,000 worth. Instantly you get the opportunity to play almost three times longer, which means that your chances of beating the casino and winning big at the slots have just increased nearly three-fold! But with if you just bother to look at the promotions section of this very popular online casino you will immediately see that the casino also offers a 400% match on your bonus up to $10,000 (no, this is not a mistake) if you prefer to play the slots and avoid the table games. Alternatively, you can get an extra 150% bonus for playing table games. Either way, you are starting your quest to beat the casino with as much as 4 times your initial deposit, resulting in five times the chance to win at the slots.

Pick the right game – unless you plan on just playing a few large hands and would like to ride on the coat tail of Miss Luck, avoid the popular table games at the online casinos. Sure, if you are looking to quickly double your money you can play a couple of hands of blackjack or bet red/black at the roulette table, where chance of winning is almost 50-50 (don’t forget the zero and even the double zero, if you are playing AmericanĀ roulette). And if this is your goal, of course, the table games are great in the short term, but not the best choice long-term. But if you want to beat the casino, you have to avoid the games where the casino is the strongest, i.e. the table games. Heck, casinos have been relying on the blackjack, roulette and poker since their very beginnings.

The video slots, on the other side, have much more going for them – they are very fun to play, you don’t have to risk a lot and yet you can still walk out the casino’s virtual doors a very wealthy person. A lot of online casinos publish independent audits of the odds of some of their most popular video slots, so this is something to check with your favorite online casino. Contrary to the popular belief, the video slots actually offer the highest payout percentage. And here is the kicker – some casinos use their new video slots as a way to attract customers from other casinos and will purposefully request from the gaming software developer that the new featured video slot at their casino offer payouts higher than 100%! That’s right, the slot will actually pay more than it will collect. This is as close as you’d ever get to literally beating the casino. Keep in mind that these slots are in a way similar to the “loss leader” products some stores offer around the holidays, i.e. the store will take a small loss in order to get you in the door so you can buy other merchandise, as well. Therefore we recommend that you always check out the new video slots or look for payout percentages greater than 100% amongst the reports at your preferred casino.

Take advantage of the comp points – something many traditional casinos are catching on to, but still far away from the level at the online casinos, is the comp points based on play. Make sure that the online casino you’ve chosen to patronize have a good loyalty rewards program and you are sure to beat the casino by just playing your favorite slots – regardless of winning or losing. Some programs are so generous, I have often cashed out hundreds worth of comp points by just playing slots for a few hours; and when you keep even money, you end up winning quite a bit from the comp points alone. Of course, not all casinos have this level of points, but Bovada Casino and Slots Plus are currently running great rewards programs that will get you there very quickly.

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