How online casinos work

We will begin our casino guides with the most basic information of all – how the online casinos work. If you’ve never immersed yourself in the online gambling world before, chances are you have no idea how the internet casinos really work and may even feel apprehensive about joining one of the recommended gambling websites listed on our main page. Here we will explain in very plain English the basics of how the online casinos work, hence one you familiarize yourself with the workings of an online casino – you should have no inhibitions of joining one.

So let’s start our journey into the online casino world by taking a look at how it all actually works. The easiest way is to imagine the online casinos in the same way you would a regular, traditional casino. You have the main floor, where all the games and slots are located and then the cashier cages, where you can get some money either by check or a credit card. The basic of an online casino follow the same principle. But unlike the traditional casinos, the internet ones substitute all the brick and mortar with a software.

You download the software, install it on your computer and after you open an account, you can either head on to the virtual cashier and buy some chips or if you’ve already done so, just go to the lobby and pick a game you would like to play. To make it easier for the players, the games will be separated into categories, most often table games, video slots and specialty games (Keno, Bingo, etc). If you’ve chosen to visit the cashier, there you will have the chance to buy casino-specific chips, either by using your credit card, bank account, an ewallet or even a voucher, all depending on your country of residence. Once you have funded your player’s account, you are free to go back to the lobby and select your preferred game. As you can see, the process if rather simple and painless. Most online casinos also offer something called “Instant Play”, where you don’t even have to download the software on your PC, but simply play the game in your internet browser.

If you are wondering how it works on the online casino side of the equation – also very simple. The gambling company leases a casino software from one of the major gambling software developers, for example, Microgaming, and after the software has been customized to the particular casino (name, number and type of games, payout percentages, etc). Once this has been achieved, the casino makes the custom software available for download through their website for people to download and use. Since the actual online casino doesn’t have access to the software code, fairness and payouts remain assured, while the casino itself takes care of its customers, handles the money, and so on. Just like a traditional casino, the online casino has a very small margin of profit built into the games, but they make money the same way land-based casinos do – by sheer volume of people.

In a nutshell, the online casinos work in a similar fashion to the land-based gambling halls, with the main exception that there are no halls needed, indeed. Your chances of winning at the online casinos are just as good as at the traditional casino, even better in most cases, since the online casinos don’t have the overhead the land-based do and can afford smaller profit margins and big bonus offers.


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