How do Free Spins Bonuses at the Online Casinos Work?

Bonuses are offered by every single online casino in order to draw players in and entice them to keep playing. Free spins are one of the most common bonuses that are given to new and existing players.

What exactly is a free spins bonus?

A free spin is one chance to spin the reels at the online casino without paying. They are often offered to the new member as a way to get started for free. No money is taken out of your account when you do the free spin bonus. Sometimes when you spin, your prize can even be another free spin.

It is a great way to test a virtual machine or try a new online gambling site. It lets you see how the machine works and how it is played before you sign up or deposit any money. Usually, you will have to make an account though before you can claim whatever you won from the bonus spin.

Wagering requirements are usually required as well. These have to be done before you can claim any of your prizes. The free spin is usually played on the smallest coin.

Remember that these are a virtual reward that will eventually allow you to withdraw money or play using real money. It is always a good idea to check the online casino’s terms and conditions before doing any free spins.

A free spin bonus is an awesome way to test a game and test the online casino environment in general. There are several types of free spin bonuses and they all have their own personal value.

Types of free spin bonuses

The promotional spin

These are when an online casino is promoting a new game or trying to get more players for a promotion that they are currently running. This is usually sent as a bonus code to your email or can be found when you log in to your account. Either way, it is advertised, you will be able to have your free spins without paying for the bet.

New Players’ Free Spins

Free spin bonuses are almost always given to new players and are usually the biggest bonuses around. Since many people may use these bonuses just to see how to play or to try to win money without signing up, casinos have started adding the free spins to other bonuses that require an account. This way the casino can make a small deposit from you even if you decide to leave after doing the free spins.

Once the online casino knows you are a serious player you will generally receive even more free spins plus more rewards to win more cash for free.

All spins are available on mobile devices as well

With the general popular use of smartphones, most online casinos can fully operate on a mobile device without the use of a desktop or laptop. All spins and rewards are available on all platforms, which was not always the case when online casinos first started.

This is just one-way online casinos have adapted to be more user-friendly and more widely available to everyone who wants to play.

Free spin bonuses are often regarded as one of the best perks of online gambling. It makes the business money by adding promotions and creating new clients. Despite this, the main advantage is to the player. This is partly because they are almost always available with new games and new promotions, so long-term and existing players still get to use them.

More about wagering requirements

I mentioned them above but new online casino members may not know exactly what they are or why they are necessary for business. Free spins can easily become addicting for the player if they win a little bit of money and want to continue to spin or play. Bonus money can turn into real money and that is why waging requirements are important.

With every benefit and something that is offered for free, there usually comes a time when something is expected from the player. The spins offer no cost and everything you win is added to your account, which means the casino owes you money when you have not actually made any kind of commitment to them.

So, to make sure they will not lose too much money they will often require a certain number of times you have to spin through winning before you can take any of your earnings.

For example, you may have 30 free spins and win $30. The wagering requirement is usually x10 the amount won. So, you will need to keep playing $30 until you reach $300. This does not usually have to be done at the same time though. Online casinos will let you spin and play, then come back another day or time and continue the same game with the same wagers.

Some online casinos, however, make you play and complete all your wagering requirements in the same sitting. In general, it is better to play with online casinos that have low wagering requirements, and with terms and conditions, they allow you to play over an extended amount of time.

Wagering requirements can vary from 0 up to x50. Always choose the lowest one open to you. It is also important not to lose your winning money before you reach the amount you are cash wagering as well. Try to limit your losses by using these methods.

Key Takeaways

Use free spin bonuses to test new games that casinos are offering. It is a great way to see if you enjoy the game and to see how the online casino works. They are also great for new players as well as experienced ones as they are often low-risk and require minimal money upfront.

Some casinos do not have any wagering requirements.  This is rare but great if you can find one. You could withdraw your money right away.

Always remember no matter the casino or the requirements, fully read the terms and conditions before spinning and playing.

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