Highest paying online casinos

Something not many people concern themselves initially is looking for the highest paying online casinos. A lot of folks will search for good, reliable casinos, but would rarely even think about searching for casinos known for paying more than the average. Apparently you are not one of them, since you’ve ended up on this page. For the inpatient readers, we will go ahead and start right away with the list of the online casinos paying out the most money and further down you can red more about the features we have considered when we compiled this list of highest paying online casinos.

Casinos paying out most money

#1 Bovada – this online casino is by far the highest paying one for US players. The slots are extremely loose and the payout offered on the majority of them easily crosses the 98% rate (see payout percentage for explanation of this important feature). In addition to the standard RTG games, the Bovada casino also has a number of proprietary slots, not available anywhere else. The jackpots are plenty, as are the progressive ones. Great choice for anyone looking for a online casino that would pay the most money.

#2 Vegas Casino Online – giving Bovada the run for its money, Vegas Casino Online (VCO) certainly deserves a spot in the list of high paying internet casinos. According to the last independent report published on the casino’s payout, the average video slot payout is just a tad over 97%, a great number for the slot lovers. Add to this the gigantic $3,000 bonus offered to new customers and your chances of making it big here have just increased tremendously. The paytables are above average for the RTG software, yet another reason to choose this casino over the rest.

#3 Lucky Nugget (NO USA players) – for the online gamblers outside of the USA, Lucky Nugget presents a great option when looking for highest paying casinos. While it does not accept US players, which brings it down a peg in our book, the rest of the potential customers can enjoy a payout rate on the video slots currently at 96.41%.

The online casinos, in essence, are not much different than the land based casinos, in such way that the business model is a very simple one – set a payout rate for the video slots, while the tables games already come with built-in house advantage. Therefore we will not be talking about those table games, for example, the payout for blackjack is generally the same across all casinos, since the rules for the card game are well established and the same, no matter the casino. Of course, there are slight variations, such as what the dealer would do on soft 17, or the number of decks being utilized, but in general terms, the online casinos will be paying out the same on most table games.

Here we will focus solely on the video slots, which are the most popular form of gambling at any casino, be it online or offline. There are a few ways one can look at the highest paying online casinos when it comes to the video slots offered by the gambling website: payout percentage (the most important), pay tables and jackpots. In order for an online casino to be among the highest paying ones, it must offer both very high payout percentages, large jackpots and the paytables should be beneficial to the player. The high jackpots are self explanatory, the more of them available, the best chance for the player to win really big, while betting small. Of course, the video slots offering jackpots will not appeal to everyone, hence the other factors must be given a higher priorities.

The pay tables is a very important, yet much overlooked factor when comparing video slots payout, especially when we compare the same video slots across multiple casinos. The online casinos don’t have much freedom with the gambling software, but setting up their own payout tables is one of those options. Make sure you check the pay tables of the video slots, as some will not pay enough, especially on the lower-tier combinations, to justify playing the game. Payout percentages is the most important factor, when we consider if the online casino is a high paying one or not. To learn more about it, read our payout percentage guide.

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