Play game apps to win real money: Apps that actually pay you

The game apps of today are fun to play, but many people would be surprised to learn that you can actually win real money playing the games. While it is not something you would want to base your income on, or even supplement some of it, it’s still a great way to play casino game apps and have the chance to win real money, all while risking nothing for the “effort”. Because, let’s be frank, there is not much effort involved in having fun, even less is you use some of the apps below that will actually pay your winnings if you play the game apps for free. Before we get to the list of game apps to win real money, we should elaborate on the concept first.

The Concept

The idea is very simple, yet not many people are aware of its existence – you can play game apps to win real money, and if you do – the apps will actually pay you. Today, with most of the Internet use moving to mobile devices, every reputable online casino has some mobile version, we colloquially call them apps. These apps are pretty much the casino made accessible for mobile devices – phone, tablet, etc. Most of the time no download is needed, and they all let you play the casino games for free.

Of course, when you play the casino game apps for free, you wouldn’t expected to win real money. After all, the casinos would quickly go out of business, if they simply handed cash to anyone who just played their games for free, it makes no sense. But there is a secret not many are aware of, and they certainly should. There is actually a way you can play the games apps and win real money, without having to risk your own in the process.

So how does this work, how do you, on one hand, get to play the game apps for free, and on the other – win real money while doing it? Enter one of the most popular casino promotions – the free bonus. For a long time now the online casinos have offered free bonuses in order to entice people to join their casino. This is well-known fact among people who enjoy playing at the online casinos, to the point where we have a dedicated page on no deposit bonuses, where we track and publish the very latest offers.

But outside the gambling communities, there is hardly any awareness that this option even exist. People have heard of some game apps that would pay you to play, but they are not related to the casinos, and usually offer very little in return. With the casino game apps, you can actually win quite a bit of real money, as long as you are lucky, of course. Let’s dive even deeper into this, in order to see how this concept is applied in real life.

Most casinos will offer one of two (sometimes both) types of free bonuses – the free spins or the free money. These are free chips that any player can claim, whether you have been a customer of the casino or you are visiting for the first time, it makes no difference. The difference between the two types is that the free spins can be used only on certain games, while the free money bonus can be sued on nearly all the games the apps offer, except the table games. This bonus, when paired with the free to play game apps, actually equals to enjoying free game apps that pay you to play.

Let’s look at an example really quick, before we list the best options for playing game apps and win real money. Let’s say that a casino is offering 50 free spins on a particular video slot. The offer would clearly indicate how much real money you can win, when playing this particular game, most commonly the amount would be $100. So in essence, you can play this game on the app, the 50 spins are absolutely free, you don’t need to deposit any money to use them, and if you get on a winning streak – you can easily win $100 or more. In the end, you can cash out up to $100 of your winnings, you can win real money with no deposit. If you compare this return to some of the other advertised games apps that pay real money, you can understand why this is unmatched proposition.

We will cover some more of the details further down, if you don’t’ mind the extra reading material, but for now let’s focus on the topic at hand. The list below is compiled using a few different factors, the major ones being which game app has the largest free play bonuses and which apps offer the highest number of those free spins. Here is the list of game apps to win real money:

1. SlotoCash

This is by far the best game app to pay you real money for just playing. Why did we rank SlotoCash atop of our list? The reasons are plenty, but let’s give you an overview. First, this is one of the most reputable online casinos, being a pillar of the industry for over 20 years now. This is very important, as it  ensures that the game app will pay you the winnings. We will talk about reputation a bit further in the article, but most people understand that reputation is paramount for any business.

The game app is amazing, detracting nothing from the mobile experience, amazing graphics, and the games lose none of their features just because you choose to play them on a mobile device. SlotoCash also offers some of the largest free spins offer you will find, the casino is well-known for always having a few games you can play for free and win real money. Remember, you can see all of the current SlotoCash (and the rest of the apps listed here) free play offers that will win you real money on our free spins bonus page. Official SlotoCash Website

2. Red Stag

Another amazing casino which will give any other the run for their money with the many options the offer to play game apps to win real money. The casino has aggressively focused on the free spins marketing, and the players are the real winners here. The are a ton of free spins offers that will let you play many of the video slots for free, and the possible cashout from each is usually well over $100. If you like playing the slots and want to give this concept a shot, we cannot recommend Red Stag more. Very nice casino, good service and they will pay you the real money when you win by suing the free bonus offers. Official Red Stag Website

3. Rich Palms

This is where things get very interesting. While this particular game app doesn’t make as many free spins offers to potential customers as the previous two, we actually thing it may be the better choice. Why? Because Rich Palms always has quite a few free money offers instead. As noted earlier, the free money offers allow you to play nearly every game in the apps, not just a particular one, as it is the case with the free spins. So by taking advantage of the free money, you can play all the video slot the casino game app has to offer, rather than just a single one. Usually there are a few of those promotions that would give you $30, $40, and even $50 absolutely free, and you can cash out winnings of upwards $125. Most people find these offers the better way to try different games in the apps. Official Rich Palms Website

4. Miami Club

Don’t let the name fool you, there are no requirement to join this club, just a really cool casino name, based on a popular landmark in the Magic City. This is another casino game app that pumps up the free spins offers like nothing else. At any time we have recorder the app having at least 3 different slot which you can play for free and win real money. For example, at the time of writing, you can get 100 free spins on the Turkey Time video slot and the casino will pay you up to $125 of your winnings there in real money. The games are very fun, great graphics, and when you add the many bonus features some of the newer slots have, it’s even better than anything you can find at a traditional casino. Official Miami Club Website

5. Uptown Aces

This game app is ideal for those who would like to try the very latest RTG video slots. Not because it’s the only casino that offers those games, but because Uptown Aces is the one that will always give free spins on every new slot introduced. And if you are familiar with the RTG software, you already know that not only they create new video slots most often than anyone else, but they are also considered the gold standard in quality. For a long time now people have always been exited to try every one of the latest RTG-based games, and this app will give you the opportunity to play them all for free, yet win real money. A quality casino game app, with perfect track record of paying people their winnings. Highly recommended! Official Uptown Aces Website

More on game apps to win real money

One of the most frequently asked questions about these game apps that pay you real money is what kind of games can you play. As previously discussed, there are two types of bonuses you can use to apply this concept with the casino game apps – the free spins and the free money. When you claim the spins offer, you would be confined to playing only the game that offer is related to, i.e. just one particular game.

With the money offer, on the other side, you can play nearly all available games. In all cases, however, the games will be video slots. Due to the odds nature of the table games, they will always be excluded from these free play offers, regardless of which one you choose (or is available). Sometimes you may be able to apply the promotion to a video poker machine or some other specialty game, such as scratch cards. But all in all, the game apps will let you play mostly the slots to win money.

Another important point we would like to stress to our readers is that, yes, all online casinos will let you play their game apps for free, and many of them may claim that they will pay you real money if you take advantage of some of their bonus offers. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should, because unless the casino is reputable – there is really no guarantee that it will pay you real money. There are a ton of casinos with questionable reputation, to say the least. And there are even more casino apps on the Android and iPhone app marketplaces. And all of them will make big promises, but nearly none of them will deliver when you win real money.

Don’t get caught up in the excitement, especially when you try it once with any of the top apps recommended here, and you see that it really works. Some people would then try to find casinos with similar offers on their own, and end up having quite the disappointment. If the casino is not listed on this website – it’s best to avoid it. And if you’ve already ran through all the apps and offers, simply wait a few days and check back – the casinos will already have new ones waiting for you. This is why this concept is so amazing, but don’t take it and run with it on your own, unless you want to reinvent the wheel by learning from your own mistakes.

And in the end, remember that this should be only about fun. The way to play game apps and win real money should always be about enjoying the play, the possible winnings should only be an icing on the cake.

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