Best online casino games to win money

This question often comes up when discussing the merits of strategies to win money at the online casinos. Right off the bat, there is no doubt that some casino games would offer you the best chance to win money, while others are naturally (i.e. by design) created with a big house advantage. Here we will look at the types of casino games available to the player and which ones have the best (and worst) chance for winning money.

The table games – try to avoid.There is no need to sugar-coat it: if you want to win money consistently when playing casino games, the table games are the ones you should avoid at all cost. Sure, at the brick-and-mortar casinos, the table games draw a big crowd and everyone seems to be having a good time, but all table games should be viewed as purely “social” gambling. A place to hang out with friends, play a few roulette spins or some blackjack, have a drink and have fun.

Surely by now everyone is aware that the house advantage baked into the table games is the worst for the player. You are guaranteed to lose money if you play any of the table games long enough. Yeah, sometimes people are indeed lucky and could play a few hands of blackjack, while winning all of them. But the numbers don’t lie – you will lose playing the table games and you would do so with more guarantee than at any other games section at the casino. And the online casinos are no different, after all, the rules of blackjack are the same everywhere, regardless of if you are playing online or offline.Of course, if you like playing blackjack, by all means, enjoy your time, gambling is also about fun, just as much as about winning money; and if you are lucky high roller, you may come out winning big a few times. Just keep in mind when entering the game the following – the rules of the game are already rigged in the casino’s favor, so try to avoid the table games if your primary goal is to win money.

Now, if you are looking for the best online casino games to win money, the 5-reel slots are your best bet. While most of the offline casinos are introducing a large number of video slots (actual computer-based slot machines, no drums involved), you won’t see many of the 5-reel variety, and those that are available will have a large number of patrons waiting to jump on them when they become available. Sometimes is so ridiculous, it looks like a line at the bank during lunch time. This is for a good reason, the 5-reel slots, especially those with bonus games or free spins, are the best casino games to win money, and the majority of the frequent gamblers already know this. Luckily for you, there are no such lines at the online casinos, all the slot machines are always available. And the best part is that not only do those games have the best chance for winning money, they are also the most fun to play. Why?

First, the reputable online casinos, the ones listed on our home page, that have been in business since the boom of the Internet over 20 years ago, abide by the strict rules of the “payout percentage”. You can read more about this in our casino payout percentage guide, but in a nutshell, since there is no house advantage in the video slots, the casino (or more accurately, the publisher of the video slot) sets a percentage of the money that must be paid back to the players, often in the 98%+ bracket. This means that for every $100 lost at that casino game, the online casino must pay back $98+. Naturally, this wasn’t done of the goodness of their heart, but it was a pure business decision – no one would play the slots at the casino if no one would be winning any money. At first it may not seem like a large amount of profit for the casino, but when you think about the fact that millions are being wagered every month – don’t feel too bad about the casinos, they are doing just fine.

But that same feature also gives you a good chance to win money with the casino games. The 5-reel bonus/feature slots are the ones that more often than not keep people coming back to the casino. They are fun to play and most people come out winners at the end of the day, or lose very little for hours of fun. Here we should mention that while the 3-reel slots also abide by the payout rules, they are not as fun to play (little to no extra games,features, bonus spins) and the worst of all – their payout tables are often much smaller than their 5-reel counterparts.

And no guide on the best casino games to win money would be complete without the honorable mention of the progressive slots. Those games have made quite a few people all around the world instant millionaires with minuscule wagers. The progressive slots have the highest prizes and sometimes one can take advantage of the fact that they usually tend to pay around the same amount. With that in mind, one can research the average prize pay level and try their luck when the progressive jackpot nears that line. In addition, there are progressive slots with lower jackpot payout and to boot – there are those that have a “must hit by” levels, the latter being the best option to try your chance at winning money at the online casinos.

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