Best Casino Games Apps: 2020 Top Ranked Real Money Casino Apps

It is that time of the year – ranking the best casino games apps you can enjoy, this one being the 2020 edition. Below you will find the very latest ranking of the top real money casino apps for year 2020, and further down you can read about all the factors which have led to the list being what it is. If you are just looking to find the best casino games apps, we begin with the ranked casino apps right away. The winners of the 2020 top ranked real money apps are as follows.

Best Casino Games Apps of 2020

RankCasino AppsWelcome BonusPlay Free in App
#1$7,777 free bonusYes
#2777 Free SpinsYes
#4400% bonus + free spinsYes
#5300% match bonusYes

One of the best things about technology is that it never stops evolving. If we compare the 2020 best casino games apps with the previous years, we can quickly see that the same holds true for the casinos, as well.

Over the past year, the online casinos never stopped improving their offerings, to the great benefit of their customers. With almost everyone moving their Internet habits to mobile devices, especially phones, having an amazing and full-featured casino games app is near mandatory. In 2020 the usage of desktop to play casino games has dropped to well below 20% for all casinos, thus the ever-improving games and apps deliver an experience many times better than what we saw just an year ago.

The biggest improvements in the 2020 top real money casino apps were focused into two faucets – connectivity and visual experience. Let’s look at each of those in a bit more detail.

The connectivity side encompasses both the security and durability of the access to the best casino game apps for 2020. One can imagine the drastic jump in mobile traffic in 2020, especially towards the middle of the year, and no one is daring to forecast that it would slow down in any way. As a matter of fact, broadband companies are announcing price increases across the spectrum of their services, mainly due to the unprecedented traffic. With such increase, the casino apps have faced an “adopt or perish” scenario. The casinos which felt that it wasn’t prudent to invest in their mobile apps were quickly abandoned by frustrated customers. The winners can be found in the 2020 best casino games apps ranking above.

Visual design improvements were the other sphere of interest for the casino apps this year. While connectivity issues were easier to deal with, since the path was already there and just needed to be “widened”, at a monetary expense, of course, the real money mobile casino apps wasted not time to improve the customer experience with the casino games themselves.

The winners which are ranked above, spend most of 2020 focusing on matching their casino games apps to reflect the visual experience offered by downloading and installing the full-fledged casino software on a desktop computer. For a few years now, those casinos which saw the trend of moving to mobile, already had casino apps available, but the Achilles’ heel of those apps was that they simply did not look as good as the casino games available at the fully installed casino. Admittedly, party to blame were the slow and under-powered phones.

In 2020, however, even the cheapest smartphones with iOS and Android have no troubles running the casino games apps. It was up to the casinos themselves to do their best to match the apps to the downloaded product. And we are happy to report that every one ranked on our 2020 best casino games apps will provide the exact same graphical and sound media experience, nothing would be sacrificed by going with the mobile casino apps, compared to downloading the desktop version.

What types of games can I play on the casino apps?


  • Video Slots – By far the most popular casino game, video slots are the pinnacle of what the real money casino apps have to offer. The video slots are so popular on the apps, that when we do our slots reviews, there is dedicated section of the review card indicating whether the slot machine can be played on the mobile app, without any sacrifice in quality or features. We even proved screenshot from both the download and the mobile version for a comparison. Our readers can quickly see the strides the online casinos have made in 2020 with those.
  • Table Games – Of course, no casino game app would be complete without the classics. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. are all available to play on all real money top casino apps. Granted, implementing these games to a mobile device is not that complicated, as the graphics are not as elaborate as those found on some of the multi-featured video slots.
  • Specialty Games and Tournaments – that’s right, not only some specialty games are available, sometimes exclusively on mobile, but the popular casino tournaments are also an accessible option in the apps. As we noted earlier, the online casinos have really stepped up their game in 2020 to deliver an experience for the player indistinguishable from the non-mobile version of their software.

Can you still play the casino games apps for free?

The answer is: absolutely! All the no deposit bonus codes can be used at the casino, whether you decide to install it on your computer or use the casino games app to play. As a matter of fact, accessing your casino account via the mobile app will give you the exact same options and layout as you normally would. The cashier section is there and the casinos have made claiming the bonuses and the free spins codes extremely easy – all you have to do is click “claim”, and your offer will be automatically accounted for. No more need for copying and pasting the bonus codes, just tap and you are done.

And for those looking to play the best casino games apps absolutely free and for fun, you have that ability with the mobile casino, too. All casinos ranked on our top casino games apps list will allow you to play all of the video slots without even having to open an account. This certainly beats the many other casino apps out there, which would require you to open accounts, watch ads, pay subscription fees, or whatnot. We already took an in-depth look at the option to play slot games for fun, and the casino games apps are but an extension of this. In most cases you don’t even need to download an app from the app store of your phone’s OS – just click on one of the casinos above and you will be redirected to their mobile app version, and you can start playing the games for free literally instantly.

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